Friday, October 25, 2013

Straight Reading from the Library: Finder's Tome by T.J. Marshall

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The Deadly Gates have been opened. An exiled prince plots the return of trolls into FourPosts.

Jacob “Feather” Moore is given an ancient book to read. It shows him where he can find Mandrake’s Key, an artifact with the power to lock the Deadly Gates.

Forced into a race for his life and the future of FourPosts, Feather is pursued through caverns, deserts and foreign cities. Lost, hungry and alone, the boy struggles to reach the Great Hollow and the portal it holds. His only hope lies in the visions given by the book called Finder’s Tome.


I really enjoyed Finder's Tome--- and I especially liked the character of Feather. He is just an ordinary kid--or is he? Behind the scenes of his life, forces are at work--and he's to be a major player in them.

Being at The Library, I especially liked the importance that "the book" plays in this story--the book that chose him. With the help of this marvelous magical book, Feather--along with a group of companions he picks up along the way--needs to find Mandrake's Key and lock the Deadly Gate before Mordicus can complete his deadly plan to gain control of FourPosts.

This book has any layers and is intricately woven--it reminds me somewhat of Tolkein's work. There's so much richness to it, I'm afraid I've missed some details on my first reading. There's mystery and intrigue, magic and talking animals--all wrapped in an adventure story that will keep you reading.

This is Mr. Marshall's debut novel--I'm looking forward to more books from him and more adventures set in this land.


TJ Marshall spent the majority of his adult life in the US Army, and during this time, had traveled to more than two dozen countries as well as visiting nearly every state. A veteran of both Desert Storm and the Global War on Terror, TJ finally decided to retire and start a new life in Texas with his two daughters. A newcomer to writing, Finder’s Tome is TJ’s first novel, but in the short time he’s been writing, he has produced countless short stories, one of which was the winner of an internet writing contest hosted by First Page Last Page. TJ is currently working on a second novel titled The Struggles due to be released in summer 2014.
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  4. This book deserves any attention it gets. Wonderful story, masterfully told.

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