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Straight Listening from the Library: Ocean of Dust by Graeme Ing

We have a special treat at The Library today- a review of an audiobook! Ocean of Dust by Graeme Ing is available in print, ebook, and audiobook. Graeme will be awarding a $20 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


Fourteen-year old Lissa is snatched from her home and finds herself a slave on a trading ship traveling on a waterless ocean of nothing but gray dust. A feisty, curious and intelligent girl, her desire to explore the ship earns her the hatred of the cruel first officer, Farq.

Fascinated by the ocean of dust, Lissa becomes embroiled in its mysteries, sensing things that the crew cannot, while cryptic whispers in her head are leading her toward a destiny linked to the dust itself. Only one man aboard can help her make sense of her new talent, but can she trust him? All is not as it seems, and she must unravel the clues before it’s too late.

When a sinister plot casts her adrift on the barren ocean, her best friend is left in the hands of the treacherous crew. Everything hinges upon her courage, quick wits, and her ability to master her new talent.



Here at The Library we love audio books. How much fun to turn the chore of driving into actually READING a book---with your ears. We had that opportunity with the audiobook of Ocean of Dust, written by Graeme Ing and read by Becky Doughty.

The story is a very exciting one about a 14-year-old Lissa who is kidnapped from her world and forced to serve on a ship under a brutal mate. She begins to realize that she can sense things the other people on the ship cannnot and she has a special talent that will stand her in good stead.

The characters are well-drawn and the world building is top notch. Things are different enough you know you "aren't in Kansas anymore", but similar enough that you don't feel lost. Lissa is a very smart, resourceful, loyal girl. This reader couldn't help rooting for her the entire book. Bless her heart, it was like she couldn't catch a break--the author threw one thing after another at her. I never knew where this story was going.

The ending was left with the sense that Lissa's adventures are not yet over-- I hope not. I'm looking forward to learning more about this land and what is in store for Lissa.

The narrator was a wonderful choice for Lissa, the POV character, and she also did a remarkable job with the other voices. I hope she is chosen to narrate the next book in the series.

4 stars.


Graeme is a writer of speculative fiction. He probably won't fall into existing pigeonholes, but hang around and you'll get to read tales of fantasy, science-fiction, paranormal, cyberpunk, steampunk and who knows what.

Born in England, Graeme now lives in San Diego, California. His career as a software engineer and development manager spans 30 years, including the development of a dozen computer games for consoles, home computers and online. Graeme is also an avid armchair mountaineer, astronomer, mapmaker, pilot and general geek. He and his wife, Tamara, share their house with six crazy cats.

Website ~ Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Google+ ~ Goodreads

Buy the book at Amazon or Audible.


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Straight Browsing from the Library: 2014 Summer Collection Anthology

Browse through this collection of stories as part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. The authors will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn winner via the rafflecopter at the end of this post during the tour. Please click on the banner to see the other stops on this tour.


Five complete sweet to sensual stories from five multi-talented authors in settings to make any summer occasion more special. Included are:

Meet Me In Seattle by Markee Anderson

Madysen Duke has been coerced to participate in a reality show with her teacher friends. But little does she know, her high school flame is also along for the ride, with intentions much different from hers. Even though she's out for the money, he's trying to thwart whatever crime is happening right before their eyes.

Arrow Through The Heart by Stephanie Burkhart

Summer vacation and the Fourth of July brings Ella to New Hampshire while participating in a tennis competition. Logan is an innkeeper's son who bumps into Ella and invites her for an ice cream. Attraction flares and they enjoy spending time together, but each has their own plans for their life. Then disaster strikes Ella. Can a summer attraction truly become a lasting relationship?

Taking Liberty by Gerald Costlow

Liberty "Libby" Bell is a waitress at a roadside diner, trying to hide from an abusive ex-boyfriend who refuses to leave her alone. She strikes up a romance with Roger, a hunky local fireman, and seems to be getting her life back into gear. Then her ex-boyfriend tracks her down.

Will she be forced to leave Roger and run away again, or see the ex- boyfriend and risk a violent confrontation?

And if that isn't enough to handle, suddenly there's a serial killer in their midst.

Marcy’s Struggle by Larry Hammersley

Marcy Mason is in her final year of graduate school, pursuing a PhD in chemistry. She has brains and looks, but struggles in the romance department. She met Ross Franklin in undergraduate school when she was a senior; he was a freshman and second-string quarterback. Her problem – she was hung up on Leroy Doyle at the time.

Leroy is married and moved away, but Ross, now star quarterback, isn't convinced she’s over Leroy. When Leroy arrives on campus to give a lecture, Marcy must make all the arrangements. After contact with Leroy, Marcy admits to what she’s known all along—she’s over Leroy and wants Ross in her life. Can she convince Ross to look past their different backgrounds and give love a chance?

The Garden by Jory Sherman

Summer brings forth fresh vegetables in the garden and with them, the ultimate fight against insects and wild critters to protect those vegetables. Harvey enjoys his garden, especially the corn – watching it grow, providing food for his beloved wife Ruth. Then, something unusual happens in the garden and his corn begins to disappear.


Libby turned the key to her little mobile home, realizing this was the first time anyone, man or woman, had been invited inside since moving here a year ago.

"It's not much," she said, waving at the tiny living room and attached kitchen common to all such units. "I can ride my bike to work and back in good weather and being a waitress doesn't give me enough income for anything better."

"I like it," he said, looking around. "Cozy. If I ever move out of that drafty old house I was raised in, I'd love to find something smaller. But then I think about having to pay rent..." He shrugged.

"Grab a seat on the couch," she said, heading for the refrigerator. "I have diet Coke and some orange juice that's not too old. There's milk, but it's past the expiration date, so I wouldn't recommend it."

"Orange juice is fine," he said.

"I can make a pot of coffee. I think I have an old jar of creamer in the cupboard."

"No, no, juice is fine."

She poured the juice, turned, and had to stop for a moment. Seeing him relaxed in her couch, legs stretched out under the coffee table, looked so...natural. Like he was meant to be there. She felt happy being around him. Am I...falling in love?


Markee Anderson makes her home in northeast Wisconsin, surrounded by Packer fans, snow, and cheese. Along with her husband, they have three adult children and two Boston terrier babies. She writes under different pen names, all at:

Come visit her at:

Stephanie Burkhart was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. After graduating from Central High, she joined the U.S. Army. She spent eleven years in the military, seven stationed in Germany. She left the Army in 1997 and settled in California. Stephanie has been married for over twenty years and has two boys, Andrew and Joseph. She now works for LAPD as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher.

Come visit her at:

Gerald Costlow lives in Michigan and has published several novels and numerous short stories and novellas over the years. He's currently publishing a romantic-supernatural series with Publishing by Rebecca Vickery.

Larry Hammersley is 76 and has been married to Sue for 51 years. He has two children and five grandchildren. Larry enjoys jogging, amateur radio, occasional woodworking, and is active in his church. He's been writing for 39 years.

Come visit his blog at:

Jory Sherman began his literary career as a poet in San Francisco's famed North Beach in the late 1950s, during the heyday of the Beat Generation. He has been published widely in literary journals. His first book of poetry, So Many Rooms, was published by Galley Sail Press in 1959.





Barnes and Noble:

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Straight Talking from the Library: Jessica Jefferson

Welcome to Jessica Jefferson, author of TAMING MISS TISDALE, as she stops by The Library as part of her virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.


I’ve been an avid reader since childhood. My mother had shelves lined with books from Louis L’ Amour, Judith Krantz, Judith Michael, and Kathleen Woodiwiss. I consider myself fortunate to have been raised by a woman who valued reading. Today, I encourage my own children to read. Both have shelves and stacks of books, as well as e-readers. I’m a sucker when it comes to buying them books – if they want one, I let them have it.

I actually keep a book journal – something I started in high school. There, I record the titles and authors of all the books I read, with the exception of e-books. I consider my Kindle to be enough of a record already not to necessitate all that rework.

As difficult as this was, I’ve somehow been able to come up with a list of my top ten favorite books. They are in no specific order, and are likely to change the day after this post goes live.

1. Paradise by Judith McNaught – I reread this one at least once a year. It has everything one could wish for in a romance. My tastes have always leaned toward historical romance, but this contemporary gave me everything and more. Poor boy meets rich girl, boy loses girl by horrible misunderstanding by evil father, girl and boy meet years later while she’s engaged and he’s rich and powerful. I can’t put it down once I start reading.

2. The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde – This collection of Wilde’s work gives me everything from his poetry to his essays, as well as his novel – The Picture of Dorian Gray. I started reading Wilde in high school and I’ve always enjoyed his poetry. I find him to be incredibly witty, and a bit snarky – my favorite qualities in a writer.

3. A Rose in Winter by Kathleen Woodiwiss – This beauty and the beast story turns out not to be. The hero in this is cocky, self-assured, and could easily seduce any woman – my perfect idea of a book boyfriend. Woodiwiss was a gifted writer and keeps me reading and interested for hundreds and hundreds of pages (her books are pretty long).

4. Perfect by Judith McNaught – I hate being unoriginal, but I love this author. Perfect is another contemporary featuring a small town girl and rich and hunky actor on the run. It’s actually a little more suspenseful that I’m used to in a romance novel, but it moves me to tears. Actual tears.

5. Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare – This book introduced me to Tessa Dare, and I can safely say I’ve been hooked ever since. She’s a hilarious author and her books keep me laughing.

6. Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas – My aunts Robin and Judy referred me to this book. They said it was “comforting”, one of those books you go to after you’ve had a bad day. They were right. This book is like chicken and noodles – comfort food for the soul. It’s a tender story with sexual tension, hot love scenes, and makes me say “awww” every time.

7. If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones – Part of her Inside Out Trilogy, this book introduces Chris Merit – the sexiest book boyfriend out there. He’s a tortured artist on a motorcycle – need I say more?

8. How the Marquess was Won by Julie Anne Long – This is another in the Pennyroyal Green series, even though it deviates from the others in that the H and h are not actually Redmond’s or Eversea’s. Julie Anne Long is another one of those authors who writes historical romance that could easily be rewritten as a contemporary and uses humor well.

9. The Crucible by Arthur Miller – Technically, a play. I think this is one of those high school required readings that’s a rite of passage, much like Catcher in the Rye. I get so excited when I read it and the characters are written so well. I’ve never seen it performed on stage, but I’m so happy with just reading it straight through, I can’t imagine liking it anymore than I already do.

10. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell – I read this at a pretty young age, but it wasn’t until I learned more about the author herself that I truly appreciated the book. There are pieces of her scattered throughout that book, and it’s fascinating to find them.


Miss Tamsin Tisdale believes herself to be completely unsuitable for London life. After a myriad of social mishaps, and the potential ruination of her family name, she’s shipped away to her cousin’s northern estate. Only after she comes to her senses will she be welcomed home.

Marcus Winston, the Duke of Grayson, has a lackluster reputation. The last in a dying line, he’s endured a protected life—rank with privilege, encumbered by isolation. After a brief encounter with rebellion, he learns the devastating consequences of his carelessness and willingly accepts living life from inside his gilded cage.

However, a chance meeting with the brazen Miss Tisdale gives Marc the opportunity to reinvent himself into the man he’s always dreamed of being. When his deception comes to light, and ghosts from both their pasts threaten to unravel the intimacy they’ve come to cherish, will either of them set their fears aside long enough to embrace love? Or will Miss Tisdale’s stubbornness divide them?


Jessica Jefferson makes her home in northern Indiana, or as she likes to think of it—almost Chicago. She is heavily inspired by classic sweeping, historical romance novels, but aims to take those key emotional elements and inject a fresh blend of quick dialogue and comedy. She invites you to visit her at and read more of her random romance musings: and Like her at Facebook and follow at Twitter. Buy the book at Amazon.


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Straight Browsing from the Library: Sleeping at the Morgue by Jennifer Tressen

We are browsing through Sleeping at the Morgue by Jennifer Tressen as part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Jennifer will be giving away a $25 Bath and Body Works gift certificate via Rafflecopter. Click on the banner to see the other stops on the tour.


Paige Thorton, a sweet overachieving high school senior only has one month to come up with ten thousand dollars to pay for college, but her family mortuary has no business. Desperate to escape her little town and go to her dream school, she decides to take matters into her own hands and drum up some clients. Soon "accidents" begin happening to local residents. However when her boyfriend, Brock Harrington, the rookie hotshot cop begins to investigate things get hairy. Will Paige be able to pull it off in time or will she be doomed to forever sleep in the morgue?


Paige swallowed and looked at him serious, “Would you mind my asking why you came here specifically if your wife’s plans were already taken care of?”

“Not at all,” he set down his tea cup. “I want to die.”

Paige nearly spit out tea, “What?”

“I have no purpose here. I’ve lived a good life. But now I’m done. I want to be with Isabelle.”

“Um, I think there was a misunderstanding. We deal with people who are already dead here, not people who wish they were.”

“I know,” he stared at her blankly.

“I’m not sure I know what you’re asking?”

“I think you do.”

Kill you? You want me to kill you? Paige thought, quite perplexed.

“There’s an ‘ingredient’ I believe you have here that’s odorless, colorless and virtually untraceable. I think it would be a delicious addition to say, some tea,” he stared at her for a moment. “My services would of course be held here. Think of it Or business. It could always be business. You just might need the money.”

Is this really happening? This is sick.

“I’ll put it in myself,” he offered, trying to sweeten the deal.

What, so I don’t get charged with murder? Thanks.

Paige shifted nervously.

Wait, am I on one of those hidden camera shows?

She looked around suspiciously.

“Might I have another cup of tea, darling?” he smiled at her and held up his cup.


Paige bit her lip.


Jennifer Tressen is a wife, mother and writer. A former actor, she spent nearly ten years in the entertainment industry appearing in commercials, print ads and television shows. It was her love of storytelling that pushed her to the other side of the camera and sent her to film school at Chapman University. Although she entered as a Cinematography major, Jennifer graduated with a degree in Screenwriting after a single required screenwriting class forever changed her path. She found a passion for writing she had forgotten in her childhood. Everything she learned about screenwriting and especially storytelling she attributes to her mentor, the late Blake Snyder.

After several years of writing and editing for producers and other screenwriters her curiosity led her into writing novels. As a huge fan of Young Adult and New Adult literature this is where her pen tends to lead her. However, she does have plans to release a few middle grade fiction and adult novels in the future.

Jennifer attributes her love of reading and writing to her mother who always reminded her of the power of literacy. Besides telling her and her siblings that they could do anything they wanted if they knew how to read and write, she said, “You can go anywhere in a book. You can be anyone.”">Twitter ~ Facebook

Buy the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Straight Chatting from the Library: Darby Winthrop from The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock

Madhuri Blaylock is stopping by The Library as part of her virtual book tour with Goddess Fish Promotions. She is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card-- check out the Rafflecopter at the end of the post and click the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Full name:

Eudora "Darby" Cordelia Winthrop


too old for y’all to be asking


Dark Queen of New York, Vampire Extraordinaire, Southern Belle from Hell

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Not killing y'all. I'm already fed up with this malarkey.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

If I'm gonna be crass, an unlimited supply of fresh blood from a harem of hot, sex-starved 25 year-olds. If I'm being honest, Jedda. He's my happy place.

What is your current state of mind?

Conflicted. And don't ask about what cuz I'm not discussion' it. Suffice to say, I'm in a bit of a pickle.

What is your favorite occupation?

Sweetheart, do I look like I have a job? I’m the freaking Dark Queen of New York. That’s job enough for this chick.

What is your most treasured possession?

My family's furniture. I've had it for hundreds of years. It's impractical and does not match the decor of my townhouse one bit, but it reminds me of them and that's all this girl really needs sometime. A reminder of my roots, my people.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

Jesus, are we back on this crap?

What is your favorite journey?

Those few steps I took that first time I woke up and realized I could once again walk in the sun. There was nothing quite like it and honestly, I don't think anything will ever top it.

What is your most marked characteristic?

(Silence. Hint of a dirty look and then she flashed her fangs.)

When and where were you the happiest?

Good lord, I have no idea. Didn’t y’all do any research before comin' over here? I am old as hell. I don't know my happiest moment anymore. Maybe that’s the ironic blessing in all of this mess. You live so long, you can’t remember much of anything, be it the good or the bad.

What is it that you most dislike?

Luc Arsenault. Don't ask. Just write that down. I hate that piece of work.

What is your greatest fear?

Those clowns running The Sanctum

What is your greatest extravagance?


Which living person do you most despise?

Maxwell Breslin, which ain't answering your question properly since last time I checked, that nasty, little thing is dead as a doornail, but use it anyway.

What is your greatest regret?

Not spending more time with Jedda. The petty fights that would last years, that kinda stuff. Looking back, it all seems so silly. Life is too short, even when you're immortal.

Who is your favorite author?

I love me some Mark Twain. Perhaps it’s the Southern in me. Or maybe it’s the I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-ass in me. Either way, I love him. That Brit, Jane Austen, is a close second.

What is your favorite book?

Pride and Prejudice.

Who is your favorite hero of fiction?

Hermione Granger. She’s a bit of a badass.

Who are your heroes in real life?

Ryker Morrison and Wyatt Clayworth; once upon a time, they were two Sanctum angels of death

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?

Being all alone. Forever.

What is the quality you most like in a man?


What is the quality you most like in a woman?

A sense of humor

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?

Being such a jealous bitch

What is the trait you most deplore in others?


What do you most value in your friends?

Their laughter

Which living person do you most admire?

Ryker Morrison

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?


On what occasions do you lie?

Whenever it serves my purposes. I’m a jealous bitch, but I’m also a crafty bitch. And a resourceful one.

How would you like to die?

Good lord, you’re thick. I am dead, sweetheart. Been that way for hundreds of years.

If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?


What is your motto?

Let ‘em bleed


“Every now and again an excellent novel will come forth dealing with fantasy and magic that will just grab and hold my attention from beginning to end. That is exactly what THE GIRL did.” -- OOSA Online Book Club

In THE GIRL, Madhuri Blaylock introduced readers to the world of The Sanctum, one corrupted by greed and savagery and hellbent on achieving a single goal: destroying the prophesied hybrid. When one of its most celebrated warriors questioned his allegiances, age-old secrets were unveiled and violence erupted. The journey becomes more perilous and intense as the trilogy surges forward with


Can you cross the plains of death, collect every piece of your soul and make it back to the land of the living?

And if you complete the journey, will your loved ones welcome your return?

The Ramyan have been answering such questions since the creation of The Sanctum. A mysterious sect of Magicals, haunting the blank spaces of time and memory, they serve no one but themselves and their higher purpose. They exist on a plane removed from earthly matters, shifting easily between the living and the dead, moving in time to the beat of their own drummer.

At least they did. Dev and Wyatt change all of that when the prophesied hybrid lands on the steps of Rinshun Palace, seeking help for the wounded Class A Warrior. That decision alters lives and sets old agendas back on course. But at what cost to Dev and Wyatt? And does that really even matter?

“The characters in Madhuri Blaylock's novel...are well written and unique, and the story is just fantastic...I just loved every page of the story!” - Readers' Favorite


“We’re Sanctum, Ryker,” Dot replied as she began a sun salutation, “we do not become emotionally tied. To anything or anyone.”

Ryker remained silent.

Moving into a warrior pose, Dot continued.

“But I suppose you and Wyatt did not get that memo.”

Rather than engage Dot in conversation, Ryker joined her in a warrior II pose.

“Sam and Josiah should have never allowed you boys to become so dependent upon one another. Very few Sanctum have been so intertwined and when they have, the results have been disastrous. Now that he’s gone, you’re incapable of functioning and fulfilling your duties as a warrior.”

“He’s not gone,” Ryker insisted.

Dot heard the pain in her son’s voice and relented a bit.

“I don’t mean it like that, Ryker. I know you know Wyatt is still alive. What troubles me is how you’re handling his absence.”

Ryker broke his pose and sat on the floor, watching his mom go through her routine. He knew Dot was tough, but sometimes that toughness came across as plain, cold-heartedness. She didn’t mean it that way; she loved him and was just worried, Ryker simply wished her mode of conveying that concern was a bit warmer. He couldn’t remember the last time she hugged him, touched him affectionately.

“I’m handling his absence by helping Jools stave off a Sanctum-wide revolution, ma,” Ryker explained quietly, “I’m investigating violations of The Book of Peace by the Breslins, looking into Ava’s murder of Jasper and Kalinda Edwards at the last meeting of The Circle of Ten and speaking to other Founding Family members. So I think I am handling Wyatt’s temporary absence just fine.”

Dot looked down on her elder son and softened, despite the voice inside her head telling her to beware. That was The Sanctum speaking to her, always reaching out and cutting off the ties to her children. First taking them at such a young age and now, telling her to shut them out. But she had always been stronger than The Sanctum, and today was no different.

She reached down and caressed Ryker’s face, a gesture she couldn’t remember indulging in since he was small. He closed his eyes and bowed his head, as if ashamed by his need for her affection. Dot’s heart broke as she watched him, wondering over the years how many times he had craved her touch, needed her arms around him. He was a grown man now but Ryker would always be her baby, so she bent down and did what she hadn’t done in almost a decade: pulled her son into her arms and held him as he cried.


Madhuri is a Jersey City Heights girl via Snellville, Georgia, who writes paranormal fiction and is slightly infatuated with tattoos, four-inch heels, ice cream, Matt Damon, scotch, Doc Martens, Laini Taylor, photo booths and dancing like a fool.

She's currently working on The Sanctum trilogy and hopes one day soon, everyone is walking around with copies of The Girl and The Boy in their pocket or on their Kindle.

She wants to get a goat and a burro, but since she lives in the city, will settle for some chickens.

To learn more about her, you can follow her blog at, follow her on Twitter at @madhuriblaylock or like her on Facebook.

Buy The Boy at Amazon.

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Straight Chatting from the Library: Ba'al from Dark Cotillion by Hadena James

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Hadena will be awarding a $25 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Ba'al, one of the characters in her book, is at The Library today to chat with us.


What is your favorite book today?

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

What are you reading right now?

The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

Do you have any bad book habits?

Leaving them open and face down on tables

E-Reader or print? and why?

Both. E-readers don’t ruin. Print books just smell nice.

One book at a time or multiples?

One at a time. I have eternity and I read fast. I don’t remember what I did before books became fashionable.

Dog-ear or bookmark? (don't worry—Librarian Judith won't hold it against you—much)

Table tops, bookmarks, scraps of paper, coasters, whatever’s handy, I would never dog-ear a book. Gabriel would try to kill me.

When do you do most of your reading?

When there is nobody trying to destroy the world.

Favorite place to read?

My recliner in the living room. I can still be in the thick of life and read.

Do you loan your books?

Only to those I really trust to handle them properly. Some of my books are very old and easily damaged.

Favorite book to recommend?

Anna Karenina because everyone should suffer through it once.


Brenna Strachan is half-Demon, half-Witch and it’s the eve of her 30th birthday. This means that she will stop aging and come into all her Demon powers. But there are forces at work hoping to keep her from Maturing. They must kill her in the short time that she is mortal. If they fail, she will take her place among the most powerful beings on Earth. What will it cost her to survive?


“I met him once,” Gabriel took a long drag off a cigarette. His eyes were glassy, searching for some long lost memory. Until that moment, I had been reading a book, and was completely clueless whom he was talking about. Especially, since he did seem to be talking to me, as opposed to talking to some imaginary person in the room. He hadn’t spoken in well over an hour. His mind had been preoccupied with other things, possibly my safety, possibly not.

“Who?” I asked, after I put the bookmark in between the pages.

“Conan Doyle.” He made a motion towards my book. I had been reading Sherlock Holmes stories.

“Was he as bright as Holmes?”

“No one is as bright as Holmes, except Mycroft, and even that could be debated.” Gabriel stretched and yawned, before turning his vivid green eyes on me. “Pleasant man though.”

“I see,” I frowned at him. “Decided to break the silent treatment?”

“I figured it wasn’t doing me any good to sit here chain smoking and trying to ignore you into submission, since you seemed to be rather casually reading.”

“I’m slightly disturbed that it took you so long to figure it out.” I tossed the hard back onto the coffee table. It made a satisfying “thunk” sound as it hit the wood.

“You shouldn’t do that to your books.”

“No, I shouldn’t do that to your books, my books are nice hard bound editions that can be purchased at any local book store.”

“Someday, your books will be like my books.”

“Gabriel, no one’s books will be like your books. What is it with Angels and book hoarding anyway?”

“We all have our idiosyncrasies.” He gave a shrug.


I’ve been writing for over two decades and before that, I was creating my own bedtime stories to tell myself. I penned my first short story at the ripe old age of 8. It was a fable about how the raccoon got its eye-mask and was roughly three pages of handwritten, 8 year old scrawl. My mother still has it and occasionally, I still dig it out and admire it.

When I got my first computer, I took all my handwritten stories and typed them in. Afterwards, I tossed the originals. In my early twenties, I had a bit of a writer’s meltdown and deleted everything. So, with the exception of the story about the raccoon, I actually have none of my writings from before I was 23. Which is sad, because I had a half dozen other novels and well over two hundred short stories. It has all been offered up to the computer and writing gods as a sacrifice and show of humility or some such nonsense that makes me feel less like an idiot about it.

I have been offered contracts with publishing houses in the past and always turned them down. Now that I have experimented with being an Indie Author, I really like it and I’m really glad I turned them down. However, if you had asked me this in the early years of 2000, I would have told you that I was an idiot (and it was a huge contributing factor to my deleting all my work).

When I’m not writing, I play in a steel-tip dart league and enjoy going to dart tournaments. I enjoy renaissance festivals and sanitized pirates who sing sea shanties. My appetite for reading is ferocious and I consume two to three books a week as well as writing my own. Aside from introducing me to darts, my SO has introduced me to camping, which I, surprisingly, enjoy. We can often be found in the summer at Mark Twain Lake in Missouri, where his parents own a campground.

I am a native of Columbia, Missouri, which I will probably call home for the rest of my life, but I love to travel. Day trips, week trips, vacations on other continents, wherever the path takes me is where I want to be and I’m hoping to be able to travel more in the future.

Twitter @hadenajames
Buy the book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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Straight Browsing from the Library: Tesla's Imprint by Kimberly Adkins

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Some things just can’t be erased.

Simon’s visions of a little girl are the only memories he has. Like an imprint on his heart, the visions cling. Who is she? Who is he for that matter? Tracked and hunted across the world, and in possession of a device that sets him apart from time and space, danger follows him at each turn.

He never meant to drag Tess into his drama. But with one slow, seductive dance in a candlelit night­club, that’s exactly what he’s done.

Tesla’s own heritage is a mystery in itself. Born of wealth into a corporation with no paper trail, she’s called back to take the helm. But what’s the nature of the business she’s supposed to lead? And how does it connect her to Simon?


Simon leaned with his back against the door. The metal was searing hot through his layers of clothing, but he barely reacted to the burn. He understood the feeling that flooded through his being, the sense that the young woman from the nightclub was just on the other side of the frame. It was false, of course. Once the device opened the slice it automatically detached and became inactive. When the door closed she was a world away.

What am I thinking? He firmly banged his head against the solid door, tacky with hot paint. When he’d told her he made a promise, he couldn’t have been more serious – and more disturbed by his reaction to the encounter in the night club than he cared to admit to himself.

What could he possibly have to offer such a beautiful young woman after a dance like the one they shared? God, he didn’t even know who he was. The only thing he could even be sure about was that he was in danger, all the time.

He had to learn the truth about his past and why he knew the things he did without remembering them. Until then, the only thing he could be is a shadow on the edge of society. Everyone was safer that way.

He replayed the way she felt in his arms, how she stood on her toes to kiss his chin with her irresistible lips. She felt familiar to him in a way he hadn’t experienced for what seemed like a lifetime. It didn’t matter, though. He couldn’t let it matter. She was halfway across the world now, and all the better for it.

…besides, he had work to do.


Kimberly Adkins is an author and artist who spends her spare time working on worm hole theories so she can go back in time and enter Star Gate’s ‘Get in the Gate’ sweepstakes as many times as it takes to win.

Says Kimberly of romance, “Fate lines up to reward the faithful who believe that love holds a power beyond our understanding and dreams have a chance to come true.”

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