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Straight Browsing from the Library: Happily Never After by Bess George

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MediaKit_HappilyNeverAfterDallas ADA Kelsey Brackston survives a brutal attack but struggles with PTSD. When someone begins to stalk her, she relocates hoping for a new start. A person can’t be hurt if they can’t be found. Her logic seems flawed when someone tries to kill her—again.

This could be Bode Taggert’s last chance at being a cop after crawling out of a bottle. Focused on the job, he avoids personal commitments. Something within him resonates with the lady ADA. Maybe it’s her desire to move forward after a life altering event. Or not being able to move forward no matter how hard you try.

Despite his good intentions, Bode falls for the sexy lawyer. While he and the police concentrate on arresting her stalker, Kelsey vanishes. With his career—and heart—on the line, Bode will stop at nothing to find her. But will their newfound faith in one another be enough to save the day? Or will their inner demons destroy them both?


The corners of her mouth twitched. “Okay, I’m impressed. What else do you do besides being super cop and community activist?”

A devilish smile made a shiver run down her back. “Well, lately I’ve been chasing a stubborn little gal who won’t let me catch her.”

She grunted. “You haven’t been chasing very hard.”

His eyes twinkled. “Are you complaining?”

“Hardly. I’m just stating the facts.”

“Well, the fact is, after our last meeting I got the idea you needed a little space from me trying to woo you.”

She choked on a swallow of wine. “Woo, me? What is that even supposed to mean?”

His hand patted her back making sure she could breathe. “You know, date you. I seem to have a knack for making you mad, so I decided to back off and give you some time to miss me. Did you?”


MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_HappilyNeverAfterDebut author Bess George lives in Texas with her hubby. Her novel, Happily Never After will be released by Soul Mate Publishing September 2, 2015. In 2014, she won third place in the Pages From the Heart Contest with this manuscript.

Even though Bess crunches numbers for a living, she’s managed to work in some unusual places over the years. The oil business, a gun range, and a golf course are a few jobs where she met all types of characters. She loves to hear stories about people finding the unexpected hero inside each of us.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/authorbessgeorge
Twitter: http://twitter.com/authorbgeorge
Website: http://www.bessgeorge.com/

Buy the book at Amazon.


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Straight Browsing from the Library: Awake by Melanie Surani

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In author Melanie Surani’s edgy thriller novel, opera singer Joshua Gray wakes in an eerie art museum exhibit. He comes to believe he’s been kidnapped and abandoned. And he isn’t the only one…

As Josh and four others struggle to piece together their new reality, they discover the museum’s main building has been razed and the place is boarded with no obvious exit. Who left them in the museum and why? How can they escape? The only link that binds them together is a mysterious woman named Blair, who they each encountered before blacking out. Josh unexpectedly finds himself drawn to one of the other captives, a long-time fan named Sophia. Their attraction plunges the group into a dark pool of suspicion. When allegiances shift and pieces connect, the strangers are forced to reassess their situation. Is the real danger inside or outside of the museum?

Suspenseful, romantic and filled with drama, Awake will keep you up all night.


When he'd been through the exhibit the first time, he'd realized quickly she wasn't following him. The last thing she might have heard was "I can destroy what you love too."

"Shit," Josh whispered, keeping his eye on the door she went through. "Bang bang. She shot me down," he sang under his breath. As usual, music was the first thing to come to mind. When he couldn't play, he still had his voice. Of course, his broken instrument and their current location wasn't her fault. If he hadn't been an asshole, she wouldn't have needed to get away. Since he could talk himself into a hole like no one else, the best thing to do was find his way outside, call a cab, then come back and get her.

A few steps took him to an area where the music wasn't distorted. Tribal drumbeats accompanied shelves of fashion pieces, too impractical and disturbing to wear. A tiara made of straight pins. Corsets pulled so tight the fabric met at the waist. Hats constructed of cages and thorns. Scarves of razor blades.

Drums swelled, stopped. Somewhere in the distance, someone panted.

Josh stopped and crept backward, keeping his eyes on a corseted mannequin's face. Paint had dried in a torrent, as though someone poured a bucket over the head and flash-frozen it. Its facial features looked alive, despite the covering's suffocating quality.

The wheezing breath continued.

From the mannequin?

It wasn't from the recording.


Melanie Surani is a blogger, hair stylist, and author with a heart for international travel. When she isn't cutting hair, Melanie is thinking about ways to kill people (for mystery novels). She lives with her husband and cat in New York City, where she is hard at work on her next book with Booktrope Publishing. Melanie is a member of the International Thriller Writers society.

Blog: http://melsurani.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MelSurani
Twitter: https://twitter.com/melsurani
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/melsurani/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/melsurani/
Google+: https://plus.google.com/115191699057372867697
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5404505.Melanie_Surani
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Melanie-Surani/e/B0077442QK


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Straight Reading from the Library: The Color of Clouds by J.C. Whyte

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Pedro’s on a mission. But not your everyday, run-of-the-mill type mission. Because Pedro is dead.

That’s right. Dead.

Spirit guide Pedro normally busies himself with conveying messages from departed loved ones through a psychic named Gwen. But when he encounters a recently deceased teenager, the boy’s anguish just about breaks Pedro’s heart. So the spirit guide decides to try and help this boy. Yet meddling in the affairs of the living is a troublesome business, as Pedro soon discovers.

Nevertheless, he convinces Gwen to take an ocean voyage, and that’s when the trouble begins. Within days of leaving port, two passengers on the cruise ship fall into a mysterious coma. Gwen seeks Pedro’s help to restore these passengers, but natural as well as unnatural obstacles keep getting in the way. And by the time the ship docks in Honolulu, the still-living are flat out scrambling for their lives!

A playful blend of science fiction and the paranormal, The Color of Clouds offers a glimpse into the unseen world while taking the reader on an extraordinary ride. The adventure includes danger, mystery, humor, sweet romance and even a dash of thriller.

But the clouds are not what you think.


This is the first book I've read by this author, but I hope Ms. Whyte has more stories for us featuring Pedro and Gwen.  This was a cute mixture of science fiction with its quantum physics and dark matter; the paranormal with a psychic, a spirit guide, and a few ghosts; and a murder mystery.

The Color of Clouds is a light read, even with the introduction of some fairly heavy (to this reader) physic theories.  There are several point of view characters and the story jumps a bit from character to character, but it was easy to follow.

I loved the characters of Ernst and Sylvie--they were so much fun!  Paul, on the other hand, was a bit stuffy and hard to warm up to at first, but once he could wrap his scientific mind around what was going on--well, he grew on me.  I wish a bit more time had been spent with Gwen and her sister Jo.  I think they have more stories to tell-- especially given Gwen's talent.

There is a touch of light romance and the mystery was well played out as well.  Good job, Ms. Whyte.  4 stars.


As Ernst was about to rise from his chair and drop to one knee, something caught the corner of his eye. He sat straight up. There was something in the darkness, just ahead of the ship. It was suspended in the air, like a long sliver of light.

Up on the bridge, the senior officer continued to watch the strange light as the helmsman attempted to pull hard to starboard. “What is that?” he asked no one in particular.

The helmsman answered him. “Looks like a steady stream of light, sir.”

“But from where—the stars?”

“I’m not a religious man, sir, but that looks like something I once saw in a child’s prayer book. God bestowing a...blessing...from heaven. Think we might be getting a blessing, sir?”

The senior officer didn’t answer. His gaze was locked on the mysterious light moving toward the ship.

A few decks below, Ernst was also puzzled by the light. He withdrew his hand from his pocket. “What is that?”

Now Sylvie saw it too and gasped. “It’s...on fire.” As the light drew closer, it did look fiery. And sparkly. Sylvie’s eyes grew large as saucers.

Soon the light overtook the couple; there was no time to flee. The fiery, sparkly light engulfed them. And as it did, their bodies fell limp in their deckchairs.

“Were we able to dodge that thing?” the senior officer asked the helmsman.

“Possibly clipped us along the port side, sir.”

“Didn’t feel an impact. Maybe it passed harmlessly through us. All the same, better check for damage in the morning.”

“Aye, sir.”

The helmsman was right. The shaft of light had passed along the edge of the ship, clipping the port side as it continued on its southwest course.

But the senior officer was not right. The light didn’t pass harmlessly through the ship. It caused something to happen. Because two passengers were lying motionless in their deckchairs.


J.C. Whyte discovered her love for writing while still in elementary school, creating children’s stories. But as an adult, J.C. had to face the harsh reality that such writing seldom pays the bills. So she earned degrees in both Journalism and Communications, and then turned to Public Relations, where for ten years she focused her creative energies into feature writing.

After marriage, kids, several more degrees and occupations (including stints as a travel agent and paralegal), J. C. entered law school. While there, she became a columnist for the school newsletter and later, one of her humorous articles was even published in The National Jurist.

Graduating and passing the Bar, J.C. realized within a few short years that creative writing was still what made her heart sing. So now, as a grandma, she has returned to where her life’s calling began, beginning in 2013 with publication of her children’s book Karmack and now in 2015 with her first novel for adults, The Color of Clouds.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7135956.J_C_Whyte

Buy the book at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or MuseItUp Publishing.


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Straight Browsing from the Library: Summer of the Eagle by Susan Edwards

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The most powerful woman in her tribe, Blaze can heal with a touch, control the elements, merge her mind with any living creature and more. Yet, she is an outcast. Her people fear her and she herself is afraid of the things she can do. There is darkness in her visions, along with a tall, buckskin-clad stranger with golden-brown hair and eyes as green as the leaves on trees. Somehow, he is her destiny.

Luc Cordell is done with trapping. He yearns for civilization and a normal life. His only regret is leaving behind his family. But his father’s second wife is a SpiritWalker, and now, so is his father. How can Luc live with people who run with the wolves or soar across the heavens with the owls? Yet when a haunted healer with stars in her colorful eyes enters his life, he is drawn into the mystical world whether he likes it or not.

The winds of change are sweeping across the land, taking Luc and Blaze into a world of lies, deceit, and murder. Together, they search for truth and must turn to the eagles for answers.


Follow your heart. She put a hand to her chest and felt the small leather bag given to her by Wise Owl. She pulled the clear stone from the pouch and held it up to the sunlight. She studied the patterns in the smoky-white center. Last night, it had been completely clear. In the sunlight, she spotted four tiny golden flecks that hung like stars trapped in the crystal.

“You are a special stone,” she murmured as light fell on one flat surface and radiated through the crystal, bringing it to life. She felt something in the crystal, some greatness, a power that seeped into her and sang in her veins.

Ancient life.

“What is your purpose?” she asked as she watched the center come alive. She focused. Visions often came to her on shiny surfaces, things she could see and others could not. Many times a vision was her first warning that she was needed in the village.

She focused on her questions. The clouds inside the crystal seemed to move and change color until, finally, there in the center of the stone, there sprang the image of a broad-shouldered, narrow-hipped buckskin-clad trapper with golden-brown hair. One of the stars pulsed over his heart.

Holding her breath, Blaze brought the crystal closer to her face. She couldn’t see his features clearly, just the shape of a face, but as though he sensed her gaze upon him, he turned his head toward her and Blaze couldn’t help her gasp of amazement. His face became clearer until that was all she could see. It was like looking into a mirror and seeing the face of another.

His eyes were a rich, warm green like the thick carpet of ferns growing in the deepest shade of the forest. His face was covered with hair, as most trappers seemed want to wear it, but his mouth was firm and his nose long and straight. But his eyes drew her again, mesmerized her. They were deep pools of soothing green.

“Who are you?” Her voice was a soft whisper.

The stranger stared into her eyes, then his image grew smaller. He held out one arm. Long fringe swung back and forth, and his fingers curled out and toward her.

“Help me.”


Susan resides in California with her husband of thirty + years. She love animals. Cats currently number six as she just rescued a kitten named Luna last fall. She now considers herself to be a crazy cat lady! She also has three dogs. Two adorable Chiweenies named JJ and Abbey and temporary (ha!) custody of Shasta, her daughter’s six year old, Great Pyrenees mix.

Susan also enjoys crafts of all sorts including quilting, sewing, cross-stitch and knitting. Knitting and crochet are her current passions although with the arrival of her first granddaughter, her sewing machine as seen the light of day. She is also an avid gardener. Through her love of all things Native American, she designed a 26-foot Medicine Wheel Garden. It’s a big project but one that she loves, except when the weeds threaten. Right now, with her crazy, busy schedule, the weeds are winning the war!

Camping, fishing, biking and hiking (when not hot) are other outdoor pursuits she and her husband enjoy. She is of course, an avid reader and hates cooking and housework. While writing, she listens to a wide variety of music, including Neil Diamond, Celtic, Native American, New Age, Classical, and mood music (bagpipes and howling wolves drive my family nuts). Her current favorites are Blackmore’s Night and David Lanz.

Native American/Western romance writer Susan Edwards is the author of the popular “White” Series. She was nominated for the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for Western Historical and Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Award. She is very pleased to be able to offer to her readers her White series in Digital Format, along with her SpiritWalker series.

Email: Susan@susanedwards.com
Website: http://susanedwards.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/susan_edwards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/susanedwards1
Blog: http://susanedwards.wordpress.com
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/susanedwards
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/susanedwards2u

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Straight Chatting from the Library: Trispero by Sean Adelman

8_10 VBT_TourBanner_Trispero

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What is the favorite book you remember as a child?

I have fond memories of Robert Heinlein's "Have Space Suit - Will Travel". Heinlein was one of the first books that I read because I wanted to, for the joy of reading. He piqued my imagination and desire to aspire to more than I was.

What is your favorite book today?

My favorite book today is actually a series, Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter, not just because I thoroughly enjoyed the book, but because that was the book that got my oldest daughter to read. My wife and I had tried everything to get her to enjoy reading and nothing worked until Harry Potter. To this day she carries a passion for reading that I am envious of. I will always have a debt to J.K. Rowling.

Tell us about your current book in 10 words.

There are great things within us, we only need to look.

What are you reading right now?

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert. I have never read her stuff before and I am about half way done.

What books do you have on hold at the library?

I need to read Tim Shriver's book Fully Alive.

Do you have any bad book habits?

I often read when I exercise so I am kind of mean to the book spine. My daughter gets upset with me, but I love reading when I work out.

E-Reader or print? and why? I love print; there is something comforting about holding a book in my hands. I know its more nostalgia then reason, oh well. I truly see the value in e books and do use them, I just can't past buying or checking out books from the library when given the chance. What makes it even worse is that I don't get rid of them either, so our house looks like a disorganized library.

One book at a time or multiples?

I usually read one book at a time for fun. However, I typically have several books I am working through because of the research I do for my writing and my job as an orthopedic surgeon.

Dog-ear or bookmark? (don't worry—Librarian Judith won't hold it against you—much)

I can never bring myself to dog ear books. I have a thousand book marks around the house. Although, interestingly enough, my oldest daughter who is our true book critic is a "dog-ear" kind of person.

Least favorite book you've read this year?

I tried to read Michael Crichton’s latest book Micro. I have to say I have always loved Michael Crichton and this last book was an unfinished draft that was completed by Richard Preston. It just wasn't a Crichton book; I just couldn't do it, knowing he was gone and believing that this wasn't how he would have done it.

Favorite book you've read this year?

I loved reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It was a fun, fast read and made me nostalgic for the games I played when I was a kid.

When do you do most of your reading?

Most of my reading is done when I exercise and in the evenings when all of my work is done. I read when I exercise because that guarantees that I get some reading time every day.

Favorite place to read?

My favorite place to read would be sitting in an Adirondack chair while the sun sets on the Puget Sound.

Favorite genre?

I love techno thrillers for fun like Michael Crichton’s books. My other guilty pleasures are David Baldacci and Clive Cussler. When I read for fun I like to escape a little.

Do you loan your books?

I absolutely loan my books; the only thing better then enjoying a great book is sharing it.

Favorite book to recommend?

My favorite book to recommend is Trispero because I want people to hear my message. The other book most recently that I have had the most fun recommending is The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown.

How do you keep your books organized?

I wish I had a great answer for how I keep my books organized, but the truth is I don't.

Re-reader or not?

I do enjoy re-reading books, but my goal is to read as many new ones as I can.

What would make you not finish a book?

This is a really hard question. For books that I read when I am working out they have to be fast paced, it's really hard to read books so weighted in detail that I lose focus. If I get a book like that I will occasionally stop it and then listen to it as an audiobook. Occasionally, I will get a book with characters that I just don't believe in, doesn't mean it's not a good book or well written, it's just hard for me to get through sometimes.

Keep books or give them away?

I keep books; I may loan them but I love having books. Our house isn't a fire hazard, but we do have a lot of books.


8_10 BookCover_TrisperoOur intellect directs us. Our humanity defines us.

What if the key to unlocking our genetic code and our future lay within some of our most disenfranchised individuals? Would we still shun them?

Seattle in the year 2330: centuries of conflict have led to this precipice. If the world is to move forward, Olivay has the difficult task of teaching Alucia her history. Olivay knows that without understanding where she came from Alucia will never be able to help humanity explore the universe.

In present day Seattle, Jason Roy is a scientist whose life revolves around his daughter, Lily. Within her genome lies a secret that Jason has dedicated himself to uncovering. The mundane life of a scientist and his family takes a turn when a multinational corporation decides Jason Roy's research is a danger to them.

Jason and Lily are now running away from an unforeseen enemy and toward a discovery that will change mankind. Altering the world may come too late for Jason to save what matters most in his own world.

The great irony of unlocking our genetic potential was finding that our greatness was found in our love for one another. -Trispero almanac


Jason left the car in the driveway while Lily gathered up the goodies. They carefully walked up the block past the neighbor’s car. The brisk morning was shaping up to be a spectacular day. As they turned left walking around the block toward the park, Jason noticed that the other car was gone. Lily reached up and took hold of Jason’s hand. It was such a natural thing; her hand fit so easily into his. They had done it so often it was almost impossible not to hold her hand. On those rare occasions when he walked this route alone, he felt naked and often reached into space for that little hand and then laughed when it wasn’t there.

It was at these times that Jason would ponder what was really important. The touch of his little girl’s hand was more powerful than any drug. He had spent the last ten years watching her grow, laugh, and learn. She had a boundless ability to love and be happy, she was always excited to go to school, and she never missed an opportunity to make a new friend. What was it inside her that seemed to be able to turn on the lights in his world? What kind of world would it be if everyone embraced life like that?

They walked past the tower at the entrance to Volunteer Park and found a small table next to a large piece of art that overlooked the Puget Sound. The view today was beautiful, and the park would soon be full. The sculpture was a large irregular stone with a hole in the center that you could look through and see the Space Needle. Jason turned to see Lily devouring her tart. Red fruit dotted her face, and sugar coated her chin. Without thinking, Jason reached out to wipe off her face. He knew that someday she would have to learn to do it on her own. But not today.

With breakfast over, they packed up their garbage and headed back to the house.

“Daddy, can I have a sleepover with Jessica tonight? She asked me at school yesterday.”

“Sorry sweetheart, but I have to be on TV tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I was going to bring you with me to the TV station though.” “Promise you will call Jessica’s mom, promise, promise!”

“Okay, okay. Let’s get home. I need you to help me pick out my clothes.”

“Daddy, you’re a big boy. You should be able to pick your own clothes.”

As soon as they got home, Jason called Jessica’s mom. Having friends over was a part of growing up, and despite how loving and loyal Lily was, not many kids wanted her over. She talked a little different, looked just a little different.


Sean Adelman is a practicing orthopedic surgeon in Seattle. When he isn't working hard to put people back together he enjoys writing, running, and attempting to play his electric guitar without frightening his two dogs, Chestnut and Orion. Sean has three children Brenna, Devon, and Ian with his wife of 25 years Susan.

Advocating for people with developmental disabilities is his life's passion and his inspiration for the middle grade book series, Sam's Top Secret Journal, and now his first adult novel, Trispero.

Join Sean on Facebook for book giveaways, events, and news on Sam’s Secret Journal and Trispero or visit his website at.


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Straight Reading from the Library: The Brotherhood by Daithi Kavanagh

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Detective Tadhg Sullivan’s life seems to be falling apart, since being shifted to Clare from Dublin after falling out with the Minister for Justice and the Garda Commissioner.

Suddenly Sullivan is knocked out of his lethargy when a teenage girl goes missing not far from Ennis where he has been stationed. Sullivan is asked to lead the hunt by the local Superintendent and is catapulted into a world of unimaginable horror.

Will he be able to destroy The Brotherhood before their murderous reign takes another young life or will The Brotherhood destroy Sullivan and everything he loves?


This book is the second in the series, but can be easily read as a standalone. I know, because that's what I did. However, one thing it did do is pique my interest in the first book (which I have already bought).

Although marketed as a crime thriller, it also has a strong romantic presence in the on-and-off again relationship with Helen. It's fast paced and has a slew of supporting characters I hope to see more of (I'm thinking most of them were in the first book as well). It's set up so it could be a long-running series and I hope the author pursues that.

The Brotherhood is a shadowy organization in this book. You don't really get a feel for them--that would be my only criticism. In my opinion, the book would be a little more solid had there been more detail given to the "bad guys." We get a few point of view chapters from various members and then, towards the end, from the "big guy"--but I didn't really feel the horror at them and their activities I felt I should have.

Against that, though, is the very positive characterization you get--I really like the characters: Tadhg, Carter, Simon, and Rory. I'm looking forward to getting to know them better in subsequent books. I also hope Tadhg and Helen get together (although their on/off relationship does reveal a lot of Tadhg's character).

As I was reading this, I was put in mind of a BBC mini-series and could see this easily being made into a film. I would watch it! I'm looking forward to the next book in the series. 3.5 stars.

She knew nothing of the white van that pulled up behind her, until the two men grabbed her and bundled her into the back of it. She’d been jogging along the road, with her headphones on listening to Mumford and Sons. At first she’d thought it was a prank being carried out by some of her friends. But, as the van tore along the narrow road at top speed and she found herself being tossed from side to side, she knew something much more sinister was unfolding and started to scream. Suddenly the van took a sharp left. She fell and smashed her face against the side panelling. Then she could feel it being driven down a long pebbled lane. She stared at her headphones, the music still blaring, lying on the floor of the van. She cursed herself for not listening to her parents who had begged her to bring her mobile phone.


Daithi Kavanagh is 57 years old and lives with his wife and two teenage children in Trinity, Wexford. Up to 2012 when the recession hit Ireland he was making a living as a musician. He then went back to adult education and completed his Leaving Certificate in 2014. He is now studying for a degree in Culture and Heritage Studies at Wexford Campus.

While he was studying he began writing The Gun which is the first book in The Tadhg Sullivan Series. His second book in the series called The Brotherhood was released in May 2015. He is currently working on the third book in the series.

He plays guitar and sings in many of the pubs in his hometown of Wexford where he is often joined by his two children Ella and Rory who play fiddle and flute.

In his spare time he likes to walk his two dogs with his wife Caroline.

Website/Blog: http://www.daithikavanagh.blogspot.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Daithik3
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DAITHIKAVANAGHWRITER

Buy the book at Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Tirgearr Publishing, iBooks, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.


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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Straight Browsing from the Library: Kiss of the Incubus by C.J. Harwin

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An incubus who feeds off the sexual desires of others, Roth de Lis has never been denied the pleasure of a woman’s body...until now. Lilah, once a warrior maiden in the service of a goddess, languishes on Earth after being cast out from the slopes of Mount Olympus.

Lilah will do anything to return home to Olympus, including betraying Roth. As she spins her web of lies, Roth begins a slow, wicked seduction that eventually threatens to consume them both. But when Lilah’s deceit comes to light, will their torrid love affair be able to overcome a pact with the darkest of gods?


The moonlight made Lilah hum with power, giving her abilities a much-needed boost. She glanced at Roth, still out on the ground. She didn’t want to reveal her bow and arrows to him, lest he guess where she got them. Anything that gave him any insight into her past was a threat to her future. But there was no other way out. Lilah stilled and summoned her bow. It sprang from her grasp, a wisp of silver growing into the curved tips and taut string. It resonated with power in her hands as she pulled a similarly effervescent arrow from her quiver.

The fury’s wings, translucent and covered in a fine black fur, flapped to keep her hovering above the ground. Lilah noticed the fury examining the markings on her neck. She pointed at Lilah and said, “Not you, servant of Artemis. My master wants the incubus.”

“The incubus is mine. If you want him, you’ll have to go through me first.” The glow of the moon and her instinct made her ready, spoiling even, for this fight. It had been far too long.

“So be it,” the fury rasped before splaying her claws and diving for Lilah. Its battle cry pierced the night.

Lilah rolled to the left and let her arrow fly, punching through the creature’s wing and soaring off into the night. The fury let out a shriek that had blood running from Lilah’s ears. But she didn’t care. She was in her element.


C.J. Harwin is an author of steamy romance novels that spring from myth and imagination. Accompanied by her family and an embarrassing number of pets, she lives in a Southern town watched over by the god of the forge. An attorney by day, she spends her nights crafting tales of ghouls and gods, mortals and minions, and heroines and the heroes who love them.

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