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Straight Chatting from the Library: Heather M. Walker

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Tell us about your book in ten words.

Angels, demons and spiders in a parallel reality dream world.

what are you reading now?

I am reading The Drowning Girl by Caitlin R Kiernan. I haven’t gotten very far into it yet, but so far I am loving it. I adore Caitlyn’s writing style. She is intimate and deep with her characters, and creates them with tender care and attention to detail to make you feel as if you are right there in the story, and that you know the characters as if you are their family. A lot of publisher’s wont touch a book if it is written in first person, as it is a highly difficult perspective to write from, and getting the tense correct is also hard to do effectively and well. Caitlyn R Kiernan seems to be able to do this as if she were born to do only this. She is an amazing author who I truly enjoy reading. I have read several of her books, and so far my favorite is The Red Tree. I absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes a thrilling journey in their reading time.

Do you have any bad book habits?

Yes, sadly I do. Sometimes I find myself making an expression in the book that a character from the book might be making. Or I will read a bit out loud, or even say aloud something to one of the characters, if I feel highly into what is going on. It is not unusual for me to say something like, “Are you kidding me? Why did you do that you idiot?” Or “But I thought you loved Jerry, why are you hitting on Sam?” I really get into my reading, it is a passion of mine. I can see the scenery, the people, I can smell the smells and feel what the characters feel. One book that highly affected me was Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice. Now, Lestat isn’t the nicest character ever, but when Luis was cruel to him towards the end of the book, it made me so mad and upset that I threw the book across the room. You might say I take my reading pretty seriously. It is hard not to immerse myself in my reading life.

E-Reader or print and why?

Print, no doubt. While it is pretty cool that you can carry hundreds of books with you in one small device, and awesomely convenient to be able to read on demand when you order something, there will never be the same experience with a real, physical book. There is just something special about opening a brand new book, the tangibility of the crisp pages, the smell of the fresh ink. I like an immersive experience, and little things like this matter to me. Also, if my e-reader goes dead, or if it goes on the fritz, there goes my reading time, my money, and the book. A real book won't go dead on you, or malfunction. I also get a weird thrill out of adding another book on my shelf. While it takes up space, it also gives me happiness knowing that it will always be there whenever I want to read it.

One book at a time or multiples?

One book at a time. For me it is like eating an exquisite meal. Enjoy it in small bites, think about what you have read, how it makes you feel, how you see the characters, what you think they are feeling or thinking that might be going on inside them that the writer might have chosen not to express. Would you want to rush a fine dinner, or would you want to mix dinner and dessert both together? Not me. While some people have the capacity to be able to do so, I cannot. I give those that can much respect. For me though, I tend to get confused as to what is happening in each book, and this gets more frusterating than it’s worth. The only exception in this case is if I am reading a nonfiction book, like The Sense Of Being Stared At and Other Unexplained Powers Of the Human mind by Rupert Sheldrake (which I highly recommend) and a fiction book. My brain has an easier time of separating the two books if they are so completely different.

Dog ear or book mark?

Well, I might catch some flack for this, but dog ear. To some, it might show a lack of respect to the author, and be seen as a careless destruction of your own property. While book marks are wonderful, and often depict inspirational and motivation quotes and have gorgeous art work on them, they can so easily slip out and become lost. For me, dog earing is a sign that a book is enjoyed and well loved. I don’t really do so to mark my place in a book, but I do it to show a particular page I loved reading the most, so I can easily come back to it and read it again, feel the emotions that the author lovingly penned. If you come to my home and see a book with multiple dog eared pages, know it was a book that was well loved and much enjoyed, and that it wasn’t an act of rebellious destruction on my part.

Favorite book you have read this year?

That has to be The Scarlet Gospel by the amazing Clive Barker. I am a horror fanatic, and Clive Barker is by far one of my favorite authors. He also writes amazing fantasy as well, Weave World, >Arabat, and Imajica being cases in point. The Scarlet Gospel pushed the boundaries of what the mind can handle, and I applaud barker so much for doing that. If he comes out with a book I will certainly be reading it.

Do you loan your books?

Absolutely! If I love a book I want to share it with others. If they keep the book, that is fine with me as well. I have no problem buying a used one on eBay or on Amazon. In fact, sometimes I prefer to buy used books. I find it pretty cool when others write in them, with questions or comments. It feels like an interaction with them. Books are another world in and of themselves. Why not share them with other brave explorers?


In the deep south of Doltree, Georgia, not everything is what is seems. Long accustomed to life as an outcast, the beautiful and demure Annaleah Grace has learned to stand apart from the crowd with dignity. Being the daughter of a white witch and a white witch herself, living in a town of devout Christians, has earned her more than a few raised eyebrows.

When she meets the handsome, yet snarky, Professor Bainbridge with whom she will be teaching at the local University, everything in her life abruptly changes. Something about him seems intimately familiar to her in a way she can’t totally identify. Even though he’s brusque and intimidating, Annaleah is drawn by his otherworldly eyes and foreign mannerisms.

With the help of angels, both Holy and fallen, she discovers just how unique she truly is. Dreams become a meeting place between this reality and the next, and Professor Sebastian Bainbridge’s true identity is revealed.

When her dreams begin to be more than dreams and she wakes up with Georgia red clay she walked through during a nightmare still wet on her feet, Annaleah knows something intense and powerful is going on, and that somehow, Professor Bainbridge is part of it. She is determined to embrace the profound destiny that awaits her and the Professor, even if that means taking up a sword to fight the Devil himself.


Sebastian caught Annaleah neatly in his arms, and encircled her in his wings, holding her so close she felt she could melt right into him and together they would burn as one being. Tears came to her then, spilling down her cheeks and falling onto her breasts, a silver light coming from them as they fell. Sebastian opened his wings then and placed a finger under her chin, tilting her head up to look into his mirror eyes. As she saw herself in them, glowing and alive and beautiful, it felt so very right. Sebastian wiped the tears from her eyes, slowly, gently and with great care. His eyes never left hers as he bent his head down, until right before the moment when he caught her lips with his, and everything in the world ceased to exist but their kiss. In that sacred, glorious moment, as their lips pressed together, she was pierced to her heart with all-consuming adoration, and from behind her she felt a great motion, as if she had moved something with a great weight on her back. Confused, and a bit shocked, she broke the kiss, turning to see what was happening behind her.

Sebastian laughed despite her apparent confusion and said, "Oh Annaleah my darling, did you forget?"

Feeling a bit betrayed by his laughter when he could plainly see her distress, Annaleah asked, "Did I forget what?"

At this Sebastian outstretched his magnificent wings to their full height and length, blocking out the sky and the moon hanging therein.

"Your wings Annaleah; you forgot you had wings."


Heather was born into a military family, and has lived everywhere from Mountain Home, Idaho, to a small town in England called Bloxham. She eventually settled down In LaGrange, Georgia with her partner of 15 years, Billy, her 7 year old daughter Makaylah, and her 4 indoor cats. She considers herself first and foremost, a mother. She enjoys being a writer, a jeweler, a glass artist, a painter, and avid crafter. It has been her life long dream to publish a book, and she has lovingly worked on The Otherling in its various stages for almost 3 years. Heather loves to read, mostly horror, fantasy and occult books. She studies angelology, mysticism, Wicca, psychology and the human mind. Her writing goal is to create a book that comes to life in her reader’s hands and minds, and places them there in the middle of the story. It is her deepest wish that The Otherling, as well as her other written works, will accomplished this, and make a home in the hearts of all those who read her words.

Buy the book at Amazon (only $0.99!), Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords.


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Straight Browsing from the Library: By Firelight by Janice Maynard

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Maybe it’s the mistletoe—or maybe there’s something magical in the air this Christmas. USA Today bestselling author Janice Maynard delivers the perfect gift with these two romantic, heartwarming stories...

Hot Arctic Nights

In North Pole, Alaska, Christmas spirit is everywhere—except in Hallie Prentiss’s heart. At least her two-week stint managing the Dancing Elves B&B will pay the bills. Then she gets a look at long-term guest Daniel Reynolds. Whether dressed as Santa or (even better) wearing next to nothing, the man is gorgeous, charming, and sexy as hell. Workaholic Hallie is tempted to take a walk on the naughty side for once. But when she does, will she ever want to leave?

By Firelight

There’s nothing like nearly freezing to death on the Appalachian Trail to make a woman want to live a little. And when Madison Tierney stumbles upon Grant Monroe’s mountain cabin during a blizzard, she’s gripped by something more than gratitude. Soon, the glow of firelight sparks hot, sweet kisses…and the start of a Christmas adventure she’ll never forget.


The Irish setter dozing on the rag rug in front of the hearth lifted her head and whined. Grant looked up from his book. The dog sniffed the door.

He stood and followed her. “What is it, girl?” Automatically he checked for the rifle standing to the left of the doorframe, just out of sight of any intruders. He enjoyed his self-imposed isolation, but he wasn’t immune to its dangers.

The dog barked, a sharp, quick sound filled with knowledge denied to the inferior hearing of humans. Grant felt the hair rise on the back of his neck as his pulse picked up. What was out there? A bear? A bobcat? Either was a possibility.

Something hit the door, and the dog went wild, scratching and pawing at the sturdy oak. Grant hesitated for a split second, and then a sound, almost surely human, made the decision for him. He unlocked the door and jerked it open, jumping back in surprise when a bundle of snow-covered cloth tumbled in and literally landed on his feet.

The next few minutes were chaotic. The dog jumped and barked at the lump on the floor while Grant struggled to close the door against the force of the wind.

When he finally managed that and quieted the frantic dog, the resulting silence resonated with unanswered questions. He knelt cautiously and put a hand on what he now could see was a person’s shoulder. Gently, he turned him/her over.

He sucked in a shocked breath.


USA Today bestselling author Janice Maynard knew she loved books and writing by the time she was eight years old. But it took multiple rejections and many years of trying before she sold her first three novels. After teaching kindergarten and second grade for a number of years, Janice took a leap of faith and quit her day job. Since then she has written and sold over thirty-five books and novellas.

During a recent trip to Scotland, Janice enjoyed getting to know the “motherland”. Her grandfather’s parents emigrated from the home of bagpipes, heather, and kilts. Janice lives in east Tennessee with her husband, Charles. They love hiking, traveling, and spending time with family. Hearing from readers is one of the best perks of the job!

Buy the book at Amazon, iBooks, Google, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

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Straight Browsing at the Library: Pale Rider: Zombies Vs. Dinosaurs by James Livingood

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Two worlds collide in this action novelette. Zombies have destroyed civilization. Gasoline fuel is no longer an option, but humanity must find a way to survive. In response to trying to restore our way of life, we engineer franken-monsters. Because of their small brains and massive sizes, these beasts make quick work of farming and clearing land. These large creatures are immune to the zombie virus and perform excellently in loud conditions. They are easy to train. They behave like war horses, prone to help charge in and defend our livelihood.


I followed the broken trail of bushes and trees to where the others in my crew had gone. I stopped up near the center of the group, who looked even more nervous than before.

“Did anyone see a flare?” I asked a little more shrill than I wanted. A darting of eyes told me that we had all forgot to keep an eye out for it during the dinosaur rampage. “Let’s keep an eye out for it. Solomon is counting on us.”

Had we missed the flare? Was Solomon being slowly suffocated in a swarm of hungry blue zombies? Why had there been a brontosaurus out here? Something wasn’t feeling right. Something about the way the dinosaur panicked just didn’t feel right. Clearing land gives you a sixth sense for an expired situation, and this felt downright sour. With each passing brainstorm, I grew more and more queasy. I almost missed the small bloom of light, a little off from where I had been looking. I realized I forgot to calibrate for the new location.

“Alright. Time to work gentlemen.” I told the group as I grasped the reigns.


James was born in Montana, raised with three brothers, and provided trouble for two parents. In his 20's he fell in love with the Pacific Northwest. He then moved out to Seattle after college and started a life. In 2014, he started to write full time.

Amazon Author Page:

The book is currently FREE on Amazon.


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Straight Chatting from the Library: Taro Meyer

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What is the favorite book you remember as a child?

My absolute favorite book was Horton Hatches the Egg. It’s got everything: drama, challenge, betrayal, commitment and unconditional love. And it all rhymes. I began reading that book to my daughter as soon as she was born so its message of love would always be close to her heart.

What is your favorite book today?

My favorite is usually the one I’m reading at the moment.

Tell us about your current book in 10 words.

Music, boys, first love, middle-school drama, The Bahamas, determination.

What are you reading right now?

Right now it’s Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Harari. It’s an anthropological romp for a general audience. He’s got a very interesting take on how human culture developed. My Bachelor’s degree was in anthropology and the way we humans organize our worlds, how we’ve evolved belief systems, has always fascinated me. I believe that at least one cultural anthropology course should be mandatory for high school seniors and college students. It would give them a much better insight into the forces that shape our decisions and choices, and it encourages thinking outside of the cultural context you’ve been raised in it. One of Harari’s rather engaging theories is that humans didn’t domesticate wheat. Wheat domesticated us! Wheat got us to plant it, love it, and settle down in towns to cultivate it. Wheat got us to do what it wanted. It’s like wheat said, “Hey, you want a good supply? Better take care of me!”

What books do you have on hold at the library?

Sorry, I don’t have any. When I was a young girl I knew I wanted to have my own library when I grew up. We had books at home, but never enough for me. I would read everywhere, including as I walked across the street. My mom was always telling me to, “Put that book down and watch where you’re going!” I did all my college research at the main branch of the New York Public Library in midtown. The lions that greeted me as I ascended the steps, the dark wood tables, the lights, the cards I filled out and gave the librarians to search the stacks for my research materials was romantic to me. It was a world of intellect and imagination that as a young student I could enter at any time, or at least during library hours. After college, and once I got my first apartment, I began buying books. They were the only thing I was interested in “acquiring,” though I didn’t think of them as possessions; they were companions. As my personal library grew my library visits went down.

Do you have any bad book habits?

When I ran out of room in my bookcases at my home office, I began stacking books in front of other books and then on top of each other. It was not the most elegant of organizational methods, but the books were all in their proper sections, and I had a mental map of where they all were. One day I noticed that my office looked neater. “What did you do?” I asked our housekeeper, who loved interior design. “It looks different.” “Oh, she said proudly. “I reorganized all your books by size and color. It looks much better now.” She was right. It did. But of course, I couldn’t find a thing! It took me quite a while to reorganize them.

E-Reader or print? and why?

I read both. I resisted e-books at first. I thought I’d miss the “feel” of the book. But once I got started, it felt totally natural.

One book at a time or multiples?

That varies. If I get into a novel I love, I cannot put it down. I feel like I’m on a vacation, immersed in another world. Even if I know I should be doing something else, I don’t stop reading it. But I will often read several non-fiction books at the same time.

Dog-ear or bookmark? (don't worry—Librarian Judith won't hold it against you—much)

I love little yellow Post-its. They help me find a spot I want to remember. I rarely bend a page in a book.

Least favorite book you've read this year?

Sorry, I don’t have a least favorite. And I’d never talk ill of a book.

Favorite book you've read this year?

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon.

When do you do most of your reading?

I’ll read anytime and everywhere; on buses, trains, airplanes, on my deck, in bed, at the computer. But I no longer read while I’m crossing the street.

Favorite place to read?

In a comfortable chair, under an umbrella, on my deck that faces the ocean.

Favorite genre?

Literary Fiction. Do you loan your books?

I do, but since they are rarely returned, I now think of the loans as gifts.

People would forget, they’d promise to get the book back to me, but that almost never happened. So if I loan a book, it’s with the idea that I’ll be shocked if I get it back.

Favorite book to recommend?

Anything Michael Chabon writes.

How do you keep your books organized?

I organize by category: novels, plays, anthropology, religion, science, etc. I know where the sections are, but I’ve never organized by title or author. I kind of know pretty much where a book is and if I have to move a few books to find one behind them, that’s okay. When my housekeeper rearranged them to look better, it was a disaster.

Re-reader or not?

I’ll re-read sections I’ve put yellow Post-its on. But I rarely re-read a whole book.

What would make you not finish a book?

I finish most. But if it’s boring, or I think the ideas in it are unfounded, I’ll stop.

Keep books or give them away?

I once decided that the books in my bookcases were overflowing. I didn’t have room for more shelves and figured it was time to stop keeping every book and do a little pruning.

I tested my new policy by tossing out a couple of books. Within a week, a job I was doing required some research. Of course the books I’d tossed were just the ones I could have used. So I went back to keeping everything. What’s a little mess when it comes to books?


Emma G. is CRAZY about Aaron, lead singer of Boyz3000. Of course, she doesn’t actually know him, but so what? Feelings are feelings. That is until Josh appears… and he’s soooooo CUTE. Navigating her two crushes and her middle school life, especially with eighth-grade hater Renee around, is a challenge. And oh yeah, she’s got to earn money for an AWESOME trip to the Bahamas to see the band of her dreams. Hello???? How much can one thirteen-year-old take???


“Boyz3000 will be where?”


“OH MY GOD!!!” I screamed back. I nearly fell off my chair. “That is so awesome!”

“I know, but wait! My parents said I could take a friend, and I want to take you!”

“Me?” I gasped. “You want to take me? To see Boyz3000 in their concert?”

“Yes, because we both love them and you’re my best friend and…”

Jenny kept talking, but I was so excited I didn’t hear anything else until she said, “We are leaving next Saturday for the weekend.”


“No! Next Saturday! The one after this weekend! My parents will pay for the hotel and all. You’ll share my room. You just need to pay for your plane ticket.”

“Uh-oh,” I said. “How much does that cost?”

“It’s on a special deal; it’s a hundred and fifty dollars.”

“Oh. That’s a lot of money. I don’t know if they’ll pay that.”

“I know it’s a lot, but they have to.”

“But what if they don’t?”

Jenny thought for a minute. “Tell them you’ll die if you don’t go.”

“That kind of thing doesn’t work with my parents.”

“Well, think of something! ANYTHING!!!” she shrieked. “My dad is trying to get us backstage passes for the Meet and Greet!!!”

“WHAT?” I gasped. “THE MEET AND GREET???”

“Yes!!!” Jenny squealed. “We’ll be able to meet them IN PERSON, and probably talk to them too because my dad works in TV and…”

She was still talking but I didn’t hear anything else. Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!! My heart totally stopped beating at that very moment…


Taro Meyer is a Grammy, Parents’ Choice, and Audie Award winning Audio Producer who has been producing and directing YA audiobooks for over 20 years, including The Princess Diaries Series starring Anne Hathaway, the All American Girl Series starring Ari Meyers, The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisngr) and Judy Blume’s The Pain and the Great One, Here’s to You Rachel Robinson and Tiger Eyes among others.

She co-produced two touring companies of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's smash rock show Christmas Eve and Other Stories and their TV special The Ghosts of Christmas Eve, receiving Gold and Platinum Albums for her work with the team. She was associate producer of the award winning anti-bullying movie, “The Contest,” and co-produced the premier showcase of off-Broadway’s Little Willie.

As an actress and singer, she starred on Broadway in the musical Zorba, in numerous regional and off-Broadway shows, and on TV’s All My Children, Another World (for which she also composed music) and the mini-series Memories of Midnight, amongst others.

Meyer wrote and produced the upcoming children’s album: Mighty Musical Fairy Tales, starring international artist Patti Austin; an updated, joyous musical version of Classic Fairy tales, accompanied by an illustrated book, The Ugly Duckling.

Buy now at Amazon.

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Straight Browsing from the Library: The One I'm With by J. Lynn Rowan

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Interior designer Marissa O’Brien has sworn off long-term relationships, instead protecting herself from a broken heart by following a specific set of rules when it comes to her many flirtations and first dates. She’s content to just have fun in the world of romance, but all her rules fly out the window when she grabs the attention of a sexy, international stranger during her weekly Girls’ Night Out.

Josh Mattingly has spent the last two years trying to turn over a new leaf, focusing on his role in the family corporation and erasing his womanizing reputation. In Asheville, North Carolina, on business, the last thing he’d planned on was getting involved with a local girl. But one encounter with Marissa has him hooked. He soon falls hard for the designer, and now he’s terrified to reveal his romantic past for fear she’ll bolt.

Marissa recognizes a playboy when she sees one and tries to keep her attraction to Josh under wraps–until they share a passionate kiss that leaves both of them singed. Still, she knows their love affair has an expiration date, and everything is destined to end once Josh finishes his business in Asheville. Now, along with showing his family that he’s left his old habits behind, Josh has a new challenge–proving to Marissa that she can trust him with her heart.


Shaking my head, I reach out to set the bottle back on the table. In the process, I upset the stack of magazines and books. Josh lunges for them as they slide off the edge, but other than one paperback book, he can’t keep ahold of them. A snort of amusement escapes him as he studies the book cover. “What the hell is this?”

Horrified embarrassment leaves me cold. The book in his hand is a romance novel, complete with a bare-chested hero and swooning heroine on the cover, that Ava lent me a couple weeks ago. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with reading romance novels, I’d rather not have Josh find them laying around my house. “That’s not mine.”

He glances at me, then flips to the spot where I left off and plucks out the bookmark. “So you’re not reading it?”

Unsure if I’m reacting to him finding the book at all or potentially losing my page, I launch forward, grasping for the paperback. “Come on, give it back.”

“I thought it wasn’t yours.”

Stretching, Josh holds the book just out of reach, and I kneel on the couch and lean further over him in an attempt to retrieve it. Laughter sputters from him, until I give one desperate flail and lose my balance. He drops the book and hooks his arm around my waist as I tumble toward the floor. Both of us roll off, landing between the couch and the coffee table, with me on my back beneath him. At the last second, Josh manages to put both knees and one hand down to break the fall and keep from squishing me.

But his other arm is still securely around my waist, and I hold his shirt in a death grip.

Every trace of laughter is gone from his face, replaced with tense longing. Flattening my hands on his chest, I feel the hammer of his heart.

I clear my throat, but my voice still comes out as a hoarse whisper. “Truth or dare?”

Half a minute goes by before he answers. The already dark blue of his eyes deepens in the shadows. “Dare.”

“Kiss me.” There. Now he has no reason to put off the first move anymore. If he argues that I’m not one-hundred percent interested in locking lips, I’ll make the move myself.


J. Lynn Rowan started writing stories as a small child, usually starring her favorite cartoon characters. Most of her work through middle and high school was filled with typical teenage angst and melodrama, and usually mirrored the books she loved to read. But eventually she found her own author’s voice and decided to seriously pursue a writing career.

Historical fiction remains J. Lynn’s “first love”, but she has enjoyed the journey to becoming an author of romance and chick lit. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Central New York Romance Writers, and the Historical Novel Society. She is also a teacher who tries to instill a love of learning, reading, and writing in her students.

When she’s not writing, J. Lynn enjoys travelling, gardening poorly but enthusiastically, studying various topics in American history for her own expertise, and channeling Julia Child every time she steps into the kitchen.

A native of Oswego, NY, she now lives in Charlotte, NC, with her own Romantic Hero of a husband and the most adorable toddler on the planet.






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Straight Reading from the Library: The Gift by Tegon Maus

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Tucker Littlefield is a liar, a thief, a con-man. In an attempt to take advantage of a party thrown by the King, he becomes involved in the kidnapping of the King’s niece, Elizabeth. Injured, he is saved by a shaman who turns Tucker into a Soul Bearer who is enslaved by its power, compelled to devour the souls of the dead. "I am Tucker Littlefield. Know all that I say now is true-spoken.”


This was an interesting story about a storyteller – Tucker Littlefield – and a quest he is sent on—to rescue Elizabeth, the Queen's niece. Tegon Maus has a way of bringing together interesting, and quirky, characters—you may not always like all of them, but you can't help being intrigued by them. I've read, and enjoyed, other works by this author (you can see my first introduction to him here, so I was very excited when offered the opportunity to read this one!

The story starts with Tucker, in an inn, telling the story of his friend, Enon Tutelo…and the adventure begins. It's very plot driven. We don't see a lot of evidence of the world building, but you can feel Mr. Maus has a clear vision in his head of the different types the people the world. Likewise, with the story being all from Tucker's point of view, you don't really know what is going on in the other characters' minds. This is Tucker's story--and it has more of a purpose than just entertainment. It moves quickly as Enon and Tucker do their best to fulfill the mission they are on.

There are some funny moments.. particularly the dialogue between Tucker and Eloise. I found myself laughing out loud during some of those moments. I would love to see this made into a movie!

This is a fun read –fast paced, exciting, and a wonderful example of Mr. Maus' humor and superb storytelling skills. It's always a tread to read one of his works and this one is no exception. I do hope there are more of Tucker Littlefield's chronicles to come.


The voices of the Norha grew louder, rivaling the crunching of leaves under their feet. They were coming closer, following the path of their discovery, and I feared it led to me. They were just on the other side of my tree. The dog pushed hard against me as they started around.

Suddenly, the sound of someone running came from the opposite side of the clearing, and then an unmistakable voice.

"Enon" it called, shrill, and heart wrenching. Elizabeth.

The Norha clamored in pursuit of the child.

I pushed the dog away and bolted to my feet just as Enon scooped her up in one huge arm and disappeared into the trees.

The angry cries of the Norha rent the air as they gave chase. The dog raced in their direction and I was quick to follow. I did not, however, get very far. Bowen grabbed me, covering my mouth.

"Wait, watch," he whispered.

Enon had disappeared and the Norha were about to do the same. I wanted to help. I struggled to free myself from his grip but he was much too strong.

"There," he said softly, pointing in the direction the dog had gone. Three more of the Norha appeared to follow the first and then another set and another. Shortly, the forest was alive with them. There had to be more than fifty. Bowen translated as they yelled to one another in their search for Enon.

"We have to help him," I hissed.

"Not yet. There are too many. We can't help Enon if we are captives ourselves."

He was right, of course but my heart raced with fear, with hate, and a touch of panic.

The voices grew louder and more frantic.

I had come to know those voices; their language was harsh, almost like barking. Then Noget growled, it sounded almost human. The din of an escalating fight was followed by the muffled screams of Elizabeth. My heart jumped into my throat, as the noises became fiercer, more intense.


I was raised pretty much the same as everyone else... devoted mother, strict father and all the imaginary friends I could conjure. Not that I wasn't friendly, I just wasn't "people orientated". Maybe I lived in my head way more than I should have, maybe not. I liked machines more than people, at least I did until I met my wife.

The first thing I can remember writing was for her. For the life of me I can't remember what it was about... something about dust bunnies under the bed and monsters in my closet. It must have been pretty good because she married me shortly after that. I spent a good number of years chasing other dreams before I got back to writing.

It wasn't a deliberate conscious thought it was more of a stepping stone. My wife and I had joined a dream interpret group and we were encouraged to write down our dreams as they occurred. "Be as detailed as you can," we were told.

I was thrilled. If there is one thing I enjoy it's making people believe me and I like to exaggerate. Not a big exaggeration or an outright lie mine you, just a little step out of sync, just enough so you couldn't be sure if it were true or not. When I write, I always write with the effort of "it could happen" very much in mind and nothing, I guarantee you, nothing, makes me happier.
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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Straight Browsing from the Library: Where the Lotus Flowers Grow by MK Schiller

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Even in darkness, love can bloom…

Heir to a multinational hotel empire, Liam Montgomery thinks business is everything—until he goes undercover to check out their locations throughout Asia. As cosmopolitan as Liam is, from the bright lights of Mumbai to the tranquil beaches of Goa to the bustling streets of New York, he's never met anyone like lovely Mary Costa. He can't understand why this delicate, educated woman works as a maid. Or how she is reigniting his long-buried desire to be an artist. They are apart in so many ways—especially in the things Mary won't tell him. But more and more, Liam can't imagine his life without her...

Mary knows this unexpected desire for Liam must end. It’s true that his gentleness and sense of fun inspires her and makes her hopeful for the first time in her life. But she has a grim promise she feels compelled to keep—and painful experiences she fears he could never understand. And with secrets soon reaching out to separate them for good, can they dare risk a future together if it means confronting the scars of the past?


I focused on the shining figure standing next to the fountain. It looked like every ray in the sun was pointing at her and reflecting off her at the same time. That was until I realized that her long white skirt and scarf had tiny mirrors patched into the embroidery. She moved with grace despite the large pot balanced on her hip. She placed the pot on the ground. From within, she took many small silver bowls. Ten, to be exact. I counted as she placed them around the fountain, occasionally swiping the tiny broken stones gathered on its ridge. The strike of a match against the box cut through the air as if even the birds had decided to be silent out of respect for her. She lit each bowl. Who lit candles in the daylight? Was it some type of religious ceremony?

When she was done, she fell to her knees in front of the fountain and removed her scarf. Her hair cascaded in dark waves. A soft echoing music filled the air, the melody haunting. She looked toward the sky.

Whatever she prayed for, I wanted her to have it.

Her gaze drew back to the fountain.

“What’s so interesting?” I asked, as if she could answer me. I didn’t know what was so interesting for me either. I blamed it on a combination of sleep deprivation, curiosity, and bad bourbon.

Whatever it was, I couldn’t look away.


M.K. Schiller is a hopeless romantic in a hopelessly pragmatic world. In the dark of night, she sits by the warm glow of her computer monitor, reading or writing, usually with some tasty Italian…the food that is! She started imagining stories in her head at a very young age. In fact, she got so good at it that friends asked her to create plots featuring them as the heroine and the object of their affection as the hero. She hopes you enjoy her stories and find The Happily Ever After in every endeavor. M.K. Schiller loves hearing from readers.

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