Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Straight Reading From the Library: Intent to Kill by Ryshia Kennie

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A ruthless band of smugglers will stop at nothing to strip Cambodia of its priceless ancient artifacts, even if it means using and killing female tourists. Journalist Claire Linton knows she’s on to the story of a lifetime. But for Claire, it’s personal too: long before her “Uncle Jack” came to the U.S., he was held captive in the nightmarish killing fields of Cambodia, and Claire senses there might be a connection between that long-ago bloody history and the dark crimes plaguing the country today.

Simon Trent is a burnt-out Interpol agent who disappeared after his last case turned fatal. But with the resurgence in smuggling and all signs pointing to the man who once escaped his grasp, he comes out of hiding to finish the job that’s haunted him for years. What he doesn’t see coming is Claire, the beautiful and headstrong reporter who may be a threat to his case—and to his heart.

As Claire and Simon reluctantly join forces to unravel a mystery that reaches deep into her family history and may be his only chance at redemption, they must fight to stay one step ahead of a brutal killer—and one step away from the dangerous feelings building between them.


Looking for a thrill ride of a book that has a little romance to go along with it? Intent to Kill might be the perfect fit.  It takes place in Cambodia, a place I'm not in the least bit familiar with, so was a change for me.  The author does a good job setting things up, though, so we can "see" the area, the jungle, the hotel, the shops. 

What did I like?  Most everything.  The plot is solid, the villain evil, the hero sexy and determined and flawed.  The heroine is a bit naïve but sweet and intelligent and didn't suffer too much from the "too stupid to live" syndrome.  They have good chemistry when they're finally together and I enjoyed them and the story.

What didn't I like? Occasionally the pacing slowed a little, and I wish the H/H had spent more time together from the start.  Thankfully, the book is told in both the POV of the hero and the heroine (as well as some other secondary characters). The author does a good job letting us know who's head we were in and I didn't catch any sign of significant head hopping which I appreciated.

All in all a solid story with just enough romance to keep my heart happy.  I'd rate it 4 out of 5.


The Canadian prairies are where Ryshia Kennie makes her home with her husband and one opinionated and slightly geriatric, Irish Terrier. The winner of her city’s Writing Award in 2011, her novels have taken her characters from the depression era prairies in her first book “From the Dust” to the ancient stones of Angkor Wat in her latest book, “Intent to Kill”. There’s never a lack of places to set a story as the too long prairie winters occasionally find her with travel journal in hand seeking adventure on foreign shores. While facing off a Monitor Lizard before breakfast or running through the Kasbah chased by an enraged Water Carrier aren’t normal travel experiences and might never find a place in one of her stories, they do make great travel stories. But it’s the memories of those exotic worlds, the smell of the spices, the words of a stranger, the furtive look one man gives another, that often become the catalyst for a suspenseful story with a deadly villain and an intrepid hero and heroine who must battle for their right to love or even their right to live, in a place that neither may call home. For more, visit her website at





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