Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Straight Reading from the Library - Corrupt Skies by Alex Rodgers

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As a series of armed bank robberies spring up in every corner of the nation, burnt-out Air Marshal Harris Fox finds himself thrust in the middle of this high-profile case. The danger unfolds and conspiracy unravels. With lives at stake, and his family in the balance, can Fox solve the mystery before it's too late?

A humor-filled, action-packed thriller with a cast of characters not easy to forget, this is the series for fans of television shows and movies like Rescue Me, Psych, Red, and 2Guns.


Hold on to your hats, because when you pick this book up you are in for a ride! It's a short read (under 200 pages), but I could easily see this as part of a TV series. In fact, the author has written it like the old fashioned serials the theaters used to show--so, yes, it does end on a cliff-hanger.

Harris Fox is an Air Marshall and is ready for a break--the job has almost cost him his family. He plans to ask for a transfer to a desk job to try and win his family back. However, there's a special mission he's assigned to-- there have been a series of bank robberies and evidence points to possible involvement by an aircraft crew.

There is a lot of suspense and excitement as Fox uncovers many secrets among the crew he's shadowing--and there are also some laugh out loud moments and bits of dark humor I especially liked.

Harris has some traits I wasn't crazy about, but overall I liked him-- and his quirky sidekick made me laugh.

I noticed that the next two books in the series are out--and they are on my list to buy. I hope Mr. Rodgers has many more adventures in store for Harris Fox.

4 stars.

“After what just happened to Williams? Are you crazy! You’re just going to run all the way over there through all that bullet fire? You’re completely insane!”

Harris tried to calm her down and look at things rationally. “Look around you Sarah. Your colleagues are pinned down and outgunned. God knows how many are dead and will die if reinforcements don’t show up soon. They are going to make a break for it, and when they do this gunfight becomes even less contained and even more people will die. I know you’re scared and I am too. I need to end this, and I need your help to do it Sarah.”

She nodded and took a deep breath. Color came back into her face. She checked the clip before popping up to open fire. “Go!” she yelled. Harris didn’t even peek to see if it was safe, he didn’t want to telegraph himself. He made a break for it, bullets flying all around him. He tripped on the curb, fell on the sidewalk, and moved for cover behind a newspaper rack. He could hear a few rounds pinging off of it. “Shit!” He covered his head. “Almost there.” The alley was only a few feet away. Harris gathered his thoughts and his breath for a moment before making a dive and rolling into the alley. Following his actions, there were the terrifying sounds of more rounds bouncing off of the sidewalk all around him.

Alex Rodgers is the author of the Corrupt Skies series. He is a military veteran and civil servant who got tired of reading about CIA and FBI Agents and thought Air Marshals would be cool.

Corrupt Skies: Episode I is his first foray into book writing, which started out as a short story. He is now happily writing the fourth novel in the series. When he's not writing you can find him shamelessly plugging his books by reading the chapters out loud to a captive audience on the DC metro (not really). He enjoys paintballing and spending time with his wife and children at their home in Northern Virginia.


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  1. Hi! Thank you for hosting. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the book and I promise that the next ones won't disappoint you. I'm glad you mentioned there being a cliffhanger as I'm learning since publishing this series that there seem to be two different camps for this. People seem to love them or hate them. I of course love them if used correctly by solving the initial problem and introducing another in the larger scheme of things. I would love to hear your readers thoughts on this. Cliffhangers. Love them or loathe them? Why? Thanks for the comments!


  2. Sounds like a interesting read. I'm always looking for something different. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great review, sounds like a good read.