Friday, October 18, 2013

Straight Chatting from the Library: Lori Beard-Daily

We welcome Lori Beard-Daily, author of Destination D, as a guest blogger at The Library as part of her virtual book tour with Goddess Fish Promotions. Lori will be awarding a $10 Amazon GC to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. You can see the other stops here:


Balancing life and writing

Balancing life and writing sounds a lot easier said than done! I have to laugh a little when I think of this, because writing is just one of the many pieces of the puzzle to my life. Writing does seem to be interwoven in a lot of my day to day, whether I’m able to accomplish all of my writing projects or not. I wish I could say that I have a great grasp on balancing life and writing. For me, it’s a little difficult to truly balance the two because I write best when it’s very early in the morning and when I’m in a creative mood. The funny thing is that I go to bed late because I have three children and they are my first priority. Their multiple activities makes me too tired to get up as early as I would like to, and when I’m tired, it’s difficult to be creative. So, many times I find myself taking late night naps. I will take a two-hour nap from nine o’clock to eleven o’clock at night and get up and write till one to two o’clock in the morning. So, by that time I’m well rested and my creative juices are fresh and flowing!

It’s important to remember that everyone’s needs a different balance. What works for me, may not work for you. I try to just be true to myself. Some of the things I do maybe a little non-conventional sometimes, but you have to do whatever works best for your circumstance. My best advice is to “just do you!” The balance will come.


A broken promise from their school days at Spelman College takes three successful friends in Atlanta to an unexpected destination of discord, duplicity, and denial. Their personal demons drastically alter their friendship and their life’s destiny.

The first friend leads a secret life of multiple personas that allows her to escape her own reality and ease into a life of deception long before her true identity is discovered.

At the pinnacle of her career, the second friend is self-driven, sexually suppressed, and highly explosive . . . blowing up at anyone who crosses her path. Her domineering ambition drives her into a collision course with herself and steers her in an unexpected direction that becomes life-altering.

The third friend is a single mother seeking refuge from a regretful past that has finally caught up with her present. Just when she thinks her future is solid, it begins to crumble as her fate is altered by a past romance that resurfaces . . . resulting in an unexpected resolution.


An accomplished playwright and marketing/public relations executive, Lori Beard-Daily is a graduate of Spelman College with a bachelor of arts degree in English. Lori has written stage plays: Trunk of Fate, Daddy’s Girl, and Civil Unrest, two of which were directed and produced by the late theater thespian, Carol Mitchell-Leon. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lori and her husband Bryon Daily live in Atlanta, Georgia, with their three children: Erin, Erica, and Eric.
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  1. Thank you for the wonderful tour. I'm going to enjoy DESTINATION D.


    1. Keep me posted on what you think about t history the book when you are done!

  2. This book sounds fascinating with the way the women are living lives that don't truly represent them.Sounds like a good journey

    1. Thanks Maggie. Their journey is ver relatable to a lot of women.

  3. Sounds like you're a very busy girl! I barely ever find time to write anymore...I have a new fulltime job that threw all my time out the window!

    andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

    1. Juggling a full time job with writing is not easy, but I figure out how to do it when I can. Your time will come too!:-)

  4. Do you still do your marketing/PR job? If you're up until 2:00 in the morning, I hope you don't need to get up early for a day office job! I'd be dragging all day--even with a nap! You've found a good way to carve out some late night/early morning quiet time, though. I assume no one else is awake then!
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. No. I no longer have my marketing agency. I started back full-time in Corporate America last year. Right now, taking a nap in the evening and getting back up again is thw best way for me to carve out time for now.