Friday, December 6, 2013

Straight Reading from the Library: BLOOD TIES by Marcus Twyman

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Kalin Moshire and his stepbrother, Shane, struggle to survive the race of people that they belong to known as the Nebu Khet. They are hunted because of Shane's heredity. He's half Homo Sapiens (sape) and Half Nebu Khet (khet). Kalin swore to protect him on the night his mother sacrificed herself to save their lives, but will he keep that promise or will unseen threats destroy them first.

From the cozy suburbs of Montgomery County, Maryland, to the busy streets of New York City, across the desert sands of Egypt, to the rocky cliffs of Ireland - Kalin must unravel the truths that have been hidden to him since childhood and fight for the right for both he and Shane to live.

From the very first page, this book is full of excitement. Kalin and Shane were raised as close as brothers--and on the night their mothers were killed, Kalin swore to help protect Shane-- many the pure blooded Khets are afraid that the existence of a half-breed will weaken them.

My only complaint with the book is the fact that a large part of the story is missing--I would love to know what happens between the first of the book and where the story picks up with the two boys as adults. That would probably have made the book too long, but I'm intrigued as how the boys were able to survive as well as they did.  Maybe that's a story for another time (hint).

I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters in this book. I could see this unfold as a movie while I was reading it--there was action, there was a touch of romance, there was much male-sibling humor.  The secondary characters were as richly drawn as the two main characters.

I'm looking forward to reading more of this series. Good job, Mr. Twyman.


I tore my eyes away from my mother, knowing that this would be the last time that I laid eyes on her, and we took off through the lawn, Shane following just a few steps behind me. The barrier followed us as my mother said it would.

With a quick glance over my shoulder I saw my mother glowing a hot white like the sun. Her hair was billowing around her resembling strands of spun rubies and she still levitated. Blood now covered her pale flesh. Her eyes were burning bright and the air around the enemy khet was shimmering with her power. The deadly blue flames still covered the army, burning them to ash where they stood. Some of the enemy had been strong enough to block the attack and they kept lunging for her. She grabbed one by the throat and with a hard shake, she snapped the khet's neck. I looked back towards the dark cover of the woods and cried loudly while I pulled on Shane's little hand, leading him to safety.

Behind us came the sounds of screaming and blood being spilled. Those sounds chased us for a long time as we fled. In fact those sounds would chase me for years to they had tonight.


Marcus Twyman has lived most of his life in Montgomery County, Maryland. Since he was a child he's enjoyed writing stories, songs, and poetry - using the power of words as a therapeutic release for his feelings and emotions.

Now living in New York City, Marcus has been slowly adapting to the bustling concrete jungle and is incorporating his new experiences into his writing.


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