Friday, August 1, 2014

Straight Reading from the Library: Truth Unscrewed by Lisbeth Foye

The Library is reviewing TRUTH UNSCREWED by Lisbeth Foye, who will be awarding a $15 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour plus a digital copy of her previous book The Biggest Lie to a randomly drawn commenter at each stop. See the Rafflecopter below and for more chances to win, you can click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.


Simon Tate is slowly allowing himself to die.

When Lana makes a throwaway comment about the people from her past, it triggers a notion in Simon’s head, an idea which should have gone no further.

Simon enlists the help of Rupert, his young nephew, to track these people down but his seemingly innocent project is on course to create carnage as it ushers his nephew towards the odious and dark world of Piet de Vos.

Where the tragic consequences can only go one way.

No-one is untouched by upheaval; no-one’s life will ever be the same again.

Lessons are learnt. Love is found, and lost.

Livelihoods are destroyed and new lives begin.

The end result, for all concerned, is not what Simon had in mind when he first planned his final gift to his friend, Lana.

But then, nothing in life goes strictly to plan, does it?
Truth Unscrewed will take you on an odyssey through Europe, Asia, North and South America, into the lives of these same people who are no longer connected to each other; but each has their own story to tell – and the fallout to deal with.

The Biggest Lie introduced you to Lana, Joe, Fran, Simon, Tess, Theo, Piet, Anita, Howard…

Now, many years later their lives have moved on. Simon’s nephew, Rupert, is sent by his uncle to discover secrets from their past, one of which - had she known at the time - could have altered the path which Lana took, all those years ago.


This is well-written series of vignettes tied together with a common string. Although this is a sequel to THE BIGGEST LIE, it can be read as a standalone. Howver, I've not read the first book and I think I would have enjoyed this book more if I had. The stories were good, the people were interesting, but it was almost like hearing stories from someone about people they know. The stories might be interesting, but you don't get as much enjoyment from them as people who actually knew the people involved would get. There's a richness to the experience that gets lost.

There are some wonderful parts-- I laughed out loud at Hazel and her friends talking about being "Brazilianized" and the game of Russian roulette was well played.

The tone of the book reminded me very much of a Maeve Binchy--the way people's lives were separate yet intertwined.

It's very much an ensemble piece and it was interesting to see how everyone's lives fit together and I enjoyed getting to know the characters. That said, I'm getting the first book then I will come back and reread TRUTH UNSCREWED--I think I'll have a new appreciation for it.

4 stars.


Hazel was a woman who had no reason to shop for new clothes, her wardrobe was full of faded Laura Ashley flowered frocks from the seventies, fleece trousers with a comfortable elastic waistband, large hand-knitted woollen jumpers and scarves, a couple of old wax jackets, dungaree shorts and t-shirts for the summer; new clothes held no interest for her. Now and then she’d go to the car boot sales in Mallaig and come back ladened with her “new” clothes.

She even begrudged spending a few pounds on getting her wiry grey hair cut, so she let it grow until she could swing it over her shoulder; she would then snip a couple of inches off the length. She would plait it and bun it and push it under her woollen hat. Hazel was happy and content with her life and longed for nothing more than that which she had.


Lisbeth Foye lives in England, she is the author of The Biggest Lie, Luca and, her latest novel, TRUTH UNSCREWED.

From a very young age Lisbeth was convinced that, one day, she would be a writer – she is now very happy to let everyone know, that she was right to never let go of that dream.

She would like to be very author-like, and say that even before she takes up her pencil to write, that she plans each book with a beginning, middle and end - but that’s not how it is, once the first words are written those darn characters come to life and re-write every thought that she had planned in her head.

Lisbeth likes to write in pencil directly, into her precious notebooks, before typing the story up on her laptop in sections and chapters, which she then flourishes out as she types.

Lisbeth loves the smell of a chilly autumnal morning, getting into a freshly made bed and knowing that she is loved by those she loves in return.

Truth Unscrewed is available from your local Amazon site or Smashwords . Follow Lisbeth on Twitter @LisbethFoye
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  1. Thank you for the excerpt.


    1. Hi Rita, you can read a longer sample taken from TRUTH UNSCREWED on Amazon or Smashwords.

      I hope you enjoy it, if so please let me know :-)

      Lisbeth xx

  2. I thought I had left a comment earlier today, not sure where it is...I just want to say a very big Thank You to Librarian Judith for hosting and reviewing TRUTH UNSCREWED today, I'm pleased you enjoyed it!

  3. Replies
    1. I totally agree collenga, Judith has written a lovely review and chosen a good excerpt to represent the story.

      Lisbeth xx

  4. This sounds fantastic!!


    1. I love those words Mary, it's made my day!

      I hope you've entered the Rafflecopter for a chance to win the Amazon voucher or a copy of The Biggest Lie?

      Good luck
      Lisbeth xx