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Straight Chatting From the Library: Love on the Lido Deck by Barbara Oliverio

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What is the favorite book you remember as a child?

Hands down, no question, my favorite book from childhood is Heidi. I came from limited means, and I usually borrowed books from the library van that visited our little town, or borrowed books from school. Heidi was the first book I owned myself. I still love it today, and occasionally pluck it from my shelf to read it.

Tell us about your current book in 10 words.

“Heroine tackles job and widowed mom’s romance on Caribbean cruise.”

One book at a time or multiples?

I am definitely a person that multi-reads. Generally, I have a weighty tome going at the same time that I go through several lighter works. Sometimes, I’ll even throw in a third book that intrigues me. One thing is for certain, there is always a book by my side.

Dog-ear or bookmark? (don't worry—Librarian Judith won't hold it against you—much)

I would never dog-ear a book! Although I have a lot of pretty bookmarks, they go unused because generally I keep my place with a receipt, a business card, a plane ticket stub (if I buy the book in the airport), or even just a torn piece of paper.

Do you loan your books?

Will it make me sound uncharitable if I admit that I mentally qualify the person before I decide to loan a book to them? It does? In any case, I will gladly loan any books to some people because I know I’ll get them back, and never loan any books to certain people because I know I’m bidding them farewell. And of course, there are some people who were given a chance and have been written off the list completely – you know who you are!

How do you keep your books organized?

My shelves are organized in pretty much the same way a library is organized. I may not follow the Dewey Decimal system to the exact decimal, but my fiction is alphabetical by last name of author, and non-fiction shelves would be familiar to anyone who has ever been in a library.

Re-reader or not?

I’m definitely a re-reader. Occasionally I’ll visit a location that was a setting for a book and need to read the book to revisit it. Or, a sequel will be released and I want to get back to the storyline. That was quite exciting as I followed Susan Howatch’s nine-book Starbridge series. Sometimes, I just like to re-visit a character like Anna Vronsky or Jane Eyre. Do you only visit your friends once?

What would make you not finish a book?

I like to give my fellow authors the benefit of the doubt and make it to the end of any book that I pick up, because I would want that same respect. That being said, however, if I reach the middle of a book and the plot goes terribly awry, or if a book is poorly edited, or if I can tell that the author is not respecting the reader, I won’t hesitate to just close the book and put it aside.

Keep books or give them away?

I tend to keep my non-fiction books. Once every several months, I gather up stacks of some non-classical fiction and donate them to the local nursing home. As a voracious reader, I can only imagine what it would be like not to have a steady stream of new books if I lived in the facility.


Sharp-witted, always-organized Keira Graham has traded in her high tech career as a systems analyst for the whirlwind world of event planning. As she builds up her fledging business, she learns that her widowed mother has news of her own – she has a serious gentleman caller! Is Keira ready for mom’s new romance?

When she gets a game-changing opportunity to organize a major event on a luxury Caribbean cruise, Keira turns to best pal chef Alexandria D'Agostino to help recruit famous chefs who will offer classes for foodies looking for fun in the sun as they gain cooking know-how. The cruise becomes a rollicking adventure for Keira, her sassy assistant Juliet, the entire D'Agostino clan, Keira's mother and other surprise guests. And has Keira meet her match in charismatic Cruise Director Brennan McAllister, who could have something more than keeping everything shipshape on his mind?


You have got to be kidding me.

This guy was—what?—10 years younger than my mother! I was expecting polo and khakis, and he was in designer jeans. Gray hair with a receding hairline? Oh no, he was years away from gray. His full head of light-brown locks were shorn in a super trendy cut. And those shoes? Definitely not Naturalizers!

I caught my mother’s stern look in the corner of my eye and pulled my debutante self together.

“Sorry.” I gave myself a mental shake of the head. “Pleased to meet you. Would you join us for brownies and tea?”

I ushered him to the counter.

“Thank you, Keira.” He sat down, but I didn’t need to worry about serving him. My mother fluttered around with a sparkle in her eye and a skip in her step.

“Russ, do you want to forego tea and have coffee in your usual cup?” she asked.

His usual cup? He’d been around long enough to have a USUAL CUP?

“Thanks, May-May.”

Whoa! May-May? What was she, all of a sudden? A character in a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?

I pulled my phone conspicuously from my pocket.

“Yikes! Would you look at that? I have a client meeting I forgot about!” I lied. “I gotta go.”

I kissed my mother’s cheek and stuck my hand out stiffly to Russell.

“Very pleased to meet you. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.” I blurted out in what I hoped was a polite tone.

“Bye, Mother.”

“Keira—” Her disappointed voice trailed after me as I dashed through the house, took the steps on the porch two at a time, jumped into my car, and tore down the driveway.


Readers' Favorite Award™ Winner Barbara Oliverio is the daughter of Italian immigrants and grew up in North Central West Virginia with a love of reading and a passion for learning. Following a career path that included being a teacher, journalist, and marketer, she has lived as far away from home as Italy where she practiced her family's native tongue as well as took advantage of living near to other European countries to travel extensively. A rabid Pittsburgh Steeler fan, she lives with her husband, an equally committed New York Giants fan, in suburban Denver where off-football-season dinner conversation is calmer and is usually accompanied by a meal she cooks from one of her mother's treasured recipes. Other interests include New York Times crossword puzzles, good movies, and travel. She volunteers extensively for her parish and writes for its publications. She also teaches part-time for the St. Catherine of Siena Institute.
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  4. Great excerpt, sounds like a great read. Entering under the name of Virginia

    1. Hi Quilt Lady (Virginia) -- hope you enjoy the book! I actually have a scene in tribute to one of my favorite quilters in one of the chapters...

  5. I loved the interview. I do the same thing with my books as well as my movies. I want to be able to go right to something that is exactly where it is supposed to be. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Amy -- yep, I've had people shake their head at the fact that I have them organized, but when I'm able to go to an exact book or movie, they see the benefit.

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