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Straight Chatting from the Library: Character Interview with Mirra from Lake of Sins by L.S. O'Dea

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Interviewer: “Ah…hi, Mirra. Where’s Trinity?”

Mirra: “Mirra come first. Cover scent. Little One, Gaar-Mine come soon.”

Interviewer: “Ah, uhm, that’s great. Uhm, just great.”

Mirra: “You ask Little One questions?”

Interviewer: “Ah, yes. She’s agreed to an interview.”

Mirra: “What kind questions?”

Interviewer: “Uhm, all kinds.”

Mirra: “Nice questions?”

Interviewer: “Yes, yes, of course.”

Mirra: “You hurt Little One, Mirra kill you.”

Interviewer: “No. I won’t hurt Trinity. I promise.”

Mirra: “Mirra decide. You ask Mirra question first.”

Interviewer: “Ah, I think it would be better to wait for Trinity and Gaar.”

Mirra: “No. Ask Mirra questions now.”

Interviewer: “Of course. Hmmm. Let’s see. Ah, tell me a little about yourself?”

Mirra: “What mean? Mirra is Mirra.”

Interviewer: “Of course, but if someone didn’t know you what would you want to tell them. Something like…what’s it like being a Tracker?”

Mirra: “That stupid question. How Mirra describe. Mirra is Tracker. It all Mirra know.”

Interviewer: “Okay. It can be something else then, anything really.”

Mirra: “Hmmm. Mirra fast. Mirra strong. You come forest. Mirra find you. MIrra hunt you. Mirra eat you.”

Interviewer: “Great. That’s certainly good to know. Uhm, the next question. Where were you born?”

Mirra: “Stupid question. In forest.”

Interviewer: “Yes, of course. Ah, what was it like growing up?”

Mirra: “Good. Mirra play. Hunt. Others like Mirra then.”

Interviewer: “Do you miss the other Trackers?”

Mirra: “Some.”

Interviewer: “Just some? You seem sad.”

Mirra: “Mirra remember. Mirra lonely. Mirra find Gaar-Mine. It better. Mirra no lonely.”

Interviewer: “Even with your family and friends you were lonely until you bonded with Gaar?”

Mirra: “Yes. Before Mirra find Gaar-Mine, Mirra [she taps her chest] empty here. Hole in Mirra.”

Interviewer: “Interesting. Why do you think that is?”

Mirra: “Stupid question. Mirra no know.”

Interviewer: “Okay, next question. Do you think that you’ve turned out the way your parents expected?”

Mirra: “Mirra parent want Mirra be good hunter. Strong. Fast. Mirra all those things.”

Interviewer: “What impression do you make on people when they first meet you?”

Mirra: [she smiles] “Mirra frighten them.”

Interviewer: “How about after they’ve known you for a while?”

Mirra: “They dead. They dinner. The no think.”

Interviewer: “Ah, of course. Shouldn’t Gaar and Trinity be here by now?”

Mirra: “Ask Mirra [taps the paper with her long claw] questions.”

Interviewer: “Yes, yes, of course. What are you most proud of about your life?”

Mirra: “Mirra fast and quiet. Prey no see no hear Mirra until too late.”

Interviewer: [glances around] “Yes, that is something to be proud of. What are you most ashamed of in your life?”

Mirra: “Mirra no ashamed.”

Interviewer: “There’s nothing you’ve done that you are sad about?”

Mirra: “Mirra pets die. Mirra sad. Mirra no mean hurt, but they die. Not Little One. Little One live. Mirra protect.”

Interviewer: “Yes, and I wouldn’t dream of hurting her either. Remember that. What are you afraid of?”

Mirra: “Mirra no fear anything.”

Interviewr: “Nothing. Not growing old. Getting sick.”

Mirra: “No. Mirra want baby. Mirra get old. Mirra no have baby.”

Interviewer: “So you fear getting old and not being able to have offspring?”

Mirra: “Mirra no fear.”

Interviewer: “Okay, okay. Let’s move on. What would your ideal mate be like?”

Mirra: “That question no nice. Mirra only Tracker. Little One says more Trackers. Mirra no see them yet. No Trackers. No mate for Mirra.”

Interviewer: “Sorry, sorry. These questions were meant for Trinity, not you. Sorry. Let’s skip this one. What do you believe about Araldo and what do you suppose he thinks of you?”

Mirra: “Araldo Almighty god, no Mirra god.”

Interviewer: “Who is your god?”

Mirra: “Forest, trees, air, water. They give Mirra food, drink, shelter.”

Interviewer: “What does this…nature god think of you?”

Mirra: “Forest know Mirra strong. Mirra fast. Forest help Mirra until Mirra no strong, no fast. Then forest kill Mirra.”

Interviewer: “That’s a harsh god by any standards.”

Mirra: “That truth.”

Interviewer: “How do you feel about your life right now and what about it would you like to change?”

Mirra: “Mirra life is Mirra life. No can change what is.”

Interviewer: “But if you could?”

Mirra: “Stupid question, but…Mirra want baby. Mirra bring back Trackers.” [turns] “Gaar-Mine. Little One. You here.”

Interviewer: [whispers] “Thank Araldo”


In a world where class distinction means the difference between imprisonment and freedom and even life and death, being chosen to stay in the encampment and breed is the only way to guarantee survival for a teenage Producer.

Every year after harvest, the finest examples of teenage Producers are assigned mates; the rest are loaded onto carts and hauled away, never to be seen or heard from again. Trinity, a sixteen-year-old Producer, knows that she has no chance of being chosen to stay. She isn’t even full-blooded Producer. Her father is a House Servant and she’s spent her entire life hiding her differences, especially her claws and fangs.

She has one week to sneak into the forest and discover what happens to those who are taken. Her plan is simple, but she doesn’t count on being hunted and captured by predators long believed to be extinct. Can she elude her captors to uncover the fate of her kind and return to camp before her escape is discovered?


Trinity's plans have gone horribly wrong and she is now fleeing for her life, but at what cost to her friends and family. Can she save any of them without sacrificing herself?

Hugh Truent, an Almighty, learns of Trinity’s escape and that she is the offspring of two different classes which is supposed to be impossible. If it’s true, it would be the discovery of a lifetime, but he needs scientific proof. In his quest for answers, he soon realizes that there are those who will kill to keep this find a secret.

Trinity’s struggle to survive in a society based on absolute segregation of the different classes along with Hugh’s dogged determination to find the truth at any cost, sets into motion a collision between the groups that shatters the foundation of their world.


She ran blindly away from the sound of the Guards, her backpack slamming against her spine with each stride. If they catch my scent, they will find me. She skidded to a stop. The forest had ended. A rock wall loomed in front of her, stretching to both sides as far as she could see. Little crevices and divots peppered the wall, but it was too steep to climb. She had to make a choice. The wrong one would cost her freedom, maybe her life.

The trees rustled behind her. Too late. They found me. This had all been for nothing. Now, the best she could hope for was to be taken with the others. Her chest tightened. She had to make sure that her mom and Remy weren’t punished because she escaped. She raised her hands to her shoulders and slowly turned. Her breath caught in her throat. A Tracker, the deadliest of predators, stood on its back two legs, towering above her, front legs hanging down like arms. Brindle fur covered its body and its eyes glowed yellow in the shadowed forest. Its tongue lolled out the side of its mouth, exposing a row of sharp teeth on the other side. Someone should tell it that they no longer exist in the wild.

About the Author: L. S. O'Dea grew up the youngest of seven. She always wanted to do what her older siblings were doing, especially reading stories.

Ill at a young age, she immersed herself in books. Her life changed when she read a short story written by her older brother and realized that normal (somewhat anyway, since her brother was a bit weird in her opinion) people created these amazing stories. From that day forward, she wanted to write.

However, as with all good stories, obstacles rose in her path (mostly self-created obstacles) and it took her many years to put finger to keyboard and type her first book.

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    1. Hi Betty,

      Glad you liked the interview. If you haven't read the books, then you have yet to "really" get to know Mirra. She's one of my (and many of my readers') favorite characters. She's definitely different -- all Mirra.

  2. What's the most interesting thing you can see out of your writing room window?

    1. Well, my desk actually faces the wall but there is a window on my right. I usually keep the blinds down (keep the sunlight out - it is hot in Florida and my house is not insulated well) but when they are up, I can see my backyard. I live in the woods so sometimes I see deer and other critters in my back yard.

  3. Enjoyed the character interview, sounds great, thanks for sharing!

  4. I enjoyed the character interview.

    1. Hi Rita,
      Thanks. Mirra is a fun character to write for/about/with - however, her words come out of my fingers :)

  5. What a fun character interview. I really liked it.

    1. Thanks MomJane, I'm glad you liked the interview. I don't think the interviewer liked doing this interview too well. Of course, I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to be asking personal questions to a large, predatory Tracker :)

  6. Definitely an intriguing character interview!


    1. Hi Trix,

      Thanks and glad you liked the interview. Mirra is always blunt and to the point -- and often a bit scary.

  7. Thanks you for hosting this stop on my blog tour. It's been a lot of fun.

  8. I always enjoy reading character interview - thanks for sharing :)

    1. Hi Victoria, glad you liked Mirra's interview :)

  9. Sounds like an interesting read. Entering under the name of Virginia

    1. Hi Quilt Lady,
      Thanks, hope if you read the books that your first impression will hold true :)