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Straight Chatting from the Library with Amy McKinley

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How do you come up with the titles of your books?

Some titles come to me instantly and others take time. I like them to add depth to what the book is about, what the character struggles with, or perhaps provide foreshadowing. That can be difficult when I tend to gravitate to one-word titles!

Taken wasn’t the original title. I had another in mind. In the end, it didn’t quite fit and Taken won.

What does your writing space look like?

My writing space varies. I have an office, without a door (yep, you heard correctly), a desk, couch and coffee table, and a couple of chairs. The walls are painted a very pretty blue. I love it. Rarely am I at my desk though. I sit there for a while then end up writing with a lap desk or stretch out and write on the floor. I move around a lot. If the kids are home and there is a lot of noise I’ll write in my bedroom. I have a small desk up there too but usually end up writing on my bed.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

Reading. If I could I’d read all the time but I have to be careful or I’ll only do that instead of whatever else I’m supposed to get done. I love going on vacation to the beach with my family. We don’t get to do it often enough, but it is one of my favorite things.

What is your favorite color?

Blue. Most variations of it….blue green, gray blue…etc.

What is your favorite pleasure food?

Carbs. Why does that have to be a bad thing? I adore pizza, ice cream, chocolate, and lasagna. Not necessarily in that order or together. Other days, it’s steak, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. Salad does not make the cut.

What is your favorite season?

Fall. The colors are beautiful and I like the cooler weather.

What is your favorite television show?

Just one? I have a hard time naming only one favorite as you’ll see. Hmm, this is tough. I haven’t watched as much TV as I’d like to lately. I’m going to say Modern Family. After that I have a list of runner ups: Big Bang Theory, iZombie, The Flash, Parks and Recreation, Food Network Star, American Idol, and X Factor to name a few off the top of my head.

What is your favorite movie?

Name only one? There are so many! I like a variety from romantic comedies to action. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Jason Bourne movies and can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched them. August Rush is one I watch at least once or twice a year and still manage to cry. That one is an all time favorite. As for romantic comedies, I adore them.


Forged through a childhood trauma and cursed by the Fates, Layla vows never to be at another’s mercy. With determination and training she evolves into a deadly weapon and quiets her inner demons—until the prophecy activates, shattering her peace. The gods who want her dead converge and the hunt to end her life truly begins. The skills that Layla honed for protection become an unconscious tool for death and destruction, threatening not only the gods but her family.

Entrenched in clan turmoil, Thaull’s life hangs at a precipice. He’s faced with a condition known only to his kind, the soul-divide. If not dealt with, his soul will rip in half and he will turn into an unstoppable, ice-cold killing machine. As he hunts the traitor within his Phantom Warrior clan he worsens. A fragile thread of hope remains. The love of a female, freely given, can save him. Through a premonition of an alluring demigoddess, he gambles his very existence in the chance she will be his salvation. ‬‬‬‬

She will go dark from her curse. He will go numb from his. To survive, Layla must risk trusting another or become another.


Layla scowled as her sister moved closer. Why did she have to be so tall? Kepri’s height annoyed her too. Feeling small sucked. Shifting her focus, she launched her knives again. With each progressive strike, her hands shook less, her confidence returning.

Thankfully, her headstrong sister kept quiet, giving her the space she needed. Soon, the sounds around Layla lost their edge, as did the intensity that ground on her nerves; the cool morning breeze acted as a balm. The moodiness of the glen was replaced with a crisp, beautiful day. She inhaled the first full breath in unrestricted lungs and glanced at Kepri with the beginnings of a smile until her sister opened her big mouth and asked about the order she was waiting on.

“Seriously, Kepri? I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.” Pressing her lips together, Layla walked to the target and yanked out the knives before she faced her sister once more. With the activation of the curse and her past riding her hard, she didn’t need one more thing to worry about. Her sister coming around, risking herself, wasn’t what she wanted.

Layla motioned to her workshop. “They’re in there, completed. Look, sis, I can’t take on any more right now. I’m swamped. You need to hold off and really, I prefer filling orders for Shoeld, not this realm.” Wary of the backlash of her stubborn sister, she crossed her arms and tensed for the potential verbal barrage.

“Listen, I’ll cut you some slack since you’re obviously going through—” Kepri motioned to Layla’s entire being. “—something. But I need the medieval pieces you craft for my collections. They aid all of us. Each connection I establish is a possible step in the right direction toward an answer in breaking the curse.”

“You can’t be certain of that.” Layla scrunched her nose at Kepri’s self-absorption. “I get that they help you to talk with more people, which in turn connects you to even more ancient artifacts, and you scry for answers.” Answers I need. “Come on, Kepri, you are not the only one looking.” Layla took a step back, rubbing her forehead. “I’m sorry, I get that it helps you, but I need a break.” Silence met her apology.

With a curt nod, Kepri gave a tight-lipped smile.

What she really needed was Kepri to stay away, aside from figuring out the change she sensed inside her; she worried about who was coming.


Amy McKinley is a freelance writer and author of the Five Fates Series. She lives in Illinois with her husband, their four talented teenagers, and three mischievous cats. You can find her at

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