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Straight Chatting from the Library: To Catch a Thief by Nan Dixon

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What is the favorite book you remember as a child?

I have so many favorites! But my father bought me the Jungle Books and Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling for my twelfth birthday. (I’m sure my mother bought them, but my dad signed them!) And my grandfather was in the British Calvary in WWI and was stationed in India. So the books had a very special meaning to me.

What is your favorite book today?

Another tough question. I seem to love almost every book I read. Some of the ones that have stuck with me? Nora Roberts’ Guardian Trilogy. And Jude Deveraux’ – Velvet series. And JR Wards’ Black Dagger Brotherhood books. And Pintip Dunn’s Forget Tomorrow. Love them all!

Tell us about your current book in 10 words.

A nurturing MD helps an ambitious politician uncover mysteries.

What are you reading right now?

After the RITA finalists are announced, I begin reading them. Right now I reading the novellas in the book Christmas in Kilts.

What books do you have on hold at the library?

None. I buy most of my books.

Do you have any bad book habits?

I read everywhere! Even in the bath. I haven’t dropped my eReader in the tub yet. (I used to drop books.) But I do try to be careful.

E-Reader or print? and why?

E-reader! I got the Nook as a gift years ago. Now I’m on my 3rd Nook. Two reasons why I love eReaders; 1 – I can buy a book in the middle of the night, and 2- I have 894 books on my Nook. (Not as many on my Kindle.) I don’t have a house big enough for my reading addiction!

One book at a time or multiples?

One Fiction book at a time. But I can pick up writing craft books while I’m reading fiction.

Dog-ear or bookmark? (don't worry—Librarian Judith won't hold it against you—much)

Yikes – no. Bookmarks—always!

Least favorite book you've read this year?

I really can’t think of one!

Favorite book you've read this year?

I’m loving all the RITA reads – but Kristan Higgins Now That you Mention It is wonderful.

When do you do most of your reading?

Any spare minute I have. I read while I brush my teeth or wash my face. I bring my Nook with me shopping and read while waiting in line. Car washes are great too.

Favorite place to read?

In the bath or in bed! Or on the deck with a glass of wine.

Favorite genre?

Romance and most any sub-genre.

Do you loan your books?

My father and one of my sisters and I used to haul big bags of books to each other, but that has stopped since I started using my eReaders.

Favorite book to recommend?

Pintip Dunn’s Forget Tomorrow. Fabulous.

How do you keep your books organized?

I actually have an entire bookshelf above my stairs devoted to Nora Roberts books. (And another bookcase.) On my Nook, I organize by Author.

Re-reader or not?

Yes! If it is a series and it’s been a while, I will re-read the books before the new release.

What would make you not finish a book?

Really, really bad and boring writing. Or tedious.

Keep books or give them away?

I just gave my Sci-Fi collection to Goodwill last year. I was running out of bookshelves.


What would you do for your family?

When Carolina Castillo’s once vivacious mother becomes ill, she gives up her singing dreams and comes home to Savannah. She’d do anything for her Mamá, even work at Fitzgerald House for the family she should have been part of. She’d even steal.

Carolina’s decisions make perfect sense until she comes up against the immovable rock that is gorgeous FBI agent Sage Cornell. The honorable cop sees the world in black-and-white. He would never understand the difficult choices she’s had to make, the secrets she’s been forced to keep close. And he could never love a woman like her. Or could he?


He boosted his butt onto the stool, moaning like he was Gramps after being in the saddle for a day.

Two women worked behind the counter drawing beers. He closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths.


His eyes blinked open. “Carolina?”

The napkin slipped out of her fingers and floated to the floor.

“You got the job.” Did that make him feel better or worse since she hadn’t called?

“First day.” Her deep blue eyes had that stunned look, like a white-tailed deer caught in a four-wheeler’s lights at dusk.

“How’s your mother?” He schooled his voice, hoping she couldn’t catch his disappointment.

Her shoulders moved up and down with her sigh. His eyes dropped to her chest. Even in the modest polo, he didn’t need much imagination to remember how she’d pressed against him as they’d kissed.

So why in blazes hadn’t she called?

“They can’t get her seizures under control.” Her fingers crushed the second napkin she pulled for him. “She’s still in the hospital.”

He caught her hand. “I’m sorry.”

“Thanks.” She stared into his eyes.

The noise of the room slipped away. He wanted to make the pain in her deep blue eyes disappear, too.

She shook her head. “Um, what can I get you?”

“What’s on tap?”

“First day.” She winced. “Lots of Southbound.”

“I’ll have their seasonal.” He could have one beer and make it last through dinner.

“I’ll get that.” But she stayed right in front of him.

He smiled. Maybe she hadn’t been blowing him off. Warmth flooded through him.

“Sage?” she asked.


“I need my hand back.”

Cripes. He let go and the warmth faded like a leaking balloon. He was an idiot. “Sorry.”

Over her shoulder, she quipped, “I didn’t mind.”

“Like I said, I’m available for dinner or just a shoulder to cry on.” Preferably in bed, but even he wasn’t crass enough to suggest that to her. He wanted to help any way he could. It was the Cornell way.


Award winning author Nan Dixon spent her formative years as an actress, singer, dancer and competitive golfer. But the need to eat had her studying accounting in college. Unfortunately, being a successful financial executive didn’t feed her passion to perform. When the pharmaceutical company she worked for was purchased, Nan got the chance of a lifetime—the opportunity to pursue a writing career. She’s a five-time Golden Heart® finalist, lives in the Midwest and is active in her local RWA chapter and on the board of a dance company. She has five children, three sons-in-law, two granddaughters, one grandson and one neurotic cat.
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