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Straight Reading from the Library - Michel Prince

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Former slave Nye ended his life in 1859 after losing his love. The angel Gabriel has offered Nye a chance at redemption by hunting demons as a member of the Frozen. With less than seven years left until his salvation, Nye is staying on the straight and narrow – until a woman gets caught in the crossfire during a demon hunt.

After receiving devastating news, Kiriana Kladshon moves across the country, only to get caught up in the world of The Frozen. Nye and Kiriana are pulled into an attraction neither can control. Will it be their ultimate demise or their greatest salvation?

Damarion, is leading a group of female demons on a mission. During his punishment on Earth, Damarion learns of dangers within his coven trying to stop him from returning to his love, still trapped in Hell and A love he was so sure was true...


Michel Prince has brought us a new paranormal series and I was fortunate enough to receive a copy to review for The Library. It brings in a new twist on the old good against evil fight-- these aren't angels fighting demons.  Instead we are introduced to a new group: the Frozen --  a new twist on purgatory. Age-frozen in time at the of their deaths, Gabriel (yes, that Gabriel) offers them a chance of redemption by fighting demons.  Everything is fine--until Kiriana happens across Nye and his partner as they are out hunting demons one day and she is accidentally shot with a poisoned arrow meant for the demon.

The attraction between Nye and Kiriana is well played out. I particularly appreciate the struggle that Nye goes through fighting that attraction-- he was a slave when he ended his life and the mentality of "black/white don't mix" is still very strong in him.

The story switches between Nye and Kiri's story and what's happening at the demon coven camp.  There's a lot going on there too which makes for a very intense read.  Damarion is fighting to work his way back to Hell and to his love that waits there.

Ms. Prince's use of the word Yahweh in describing the leader of the demon horde, though, threw me every time-- the first time she used it, I had to go back and reread because I was afraid I had misunderstood who the good guys were. But, that's a small enough quibble in the overall scheme of the book.

All in all, I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series and discovering what is going to happen in the future. 4 stars.


I stood up right as another bolt of lightening struck, and I saw Kiri’s eyes. She was staring straight at me. She didn’t jump in fear, but instead shook her head and turned towards her apartment. With one hand firmly on the doorknob, she punched the door once, and returned her gaze to the emptying clouds.

“That wasn’t even fair,” she said. Her voice sounded defeated.

“Kiri,” I eked. “Kiri, wait.”

“Voices,” she growled. “Plural! Because the one that has been tormenting me for years just wasn’t enough for you.”

I leapt so I was standing right behind her and placed my hand on her shoulder.

“What is it you want, Kiri?”

“For you to be real.”

“I am real.”

Her wet, silken, skin goosebumped under my hand.

“You can’t be,” she said, still facing the door. “You said you’d never come back. That I’d never see you again. And here I am. Imagining your face, hearing your voice. Wishing your hand...was...”

“Wishing my hand was what?”

“Really there, that...I could taste...”

I spun her around and brought her lips to mine. As our mouths fused, her body went lax between my arms. Her fingers slid softly down my cheeks. When my tongue touched Kiri’s, a moan came from deep inside her. I held her right hand in mine, then rose it above her head to lock her wrist against the wall. My body fell against her soft frame. I could feel myself harden, and God forgive me, as I rubbed against Kiri the light strokes had me returning her moan.

When our lips finally parted, she looked up at me and trembled. The rain streamed down her face. When the lightening flashed again, her eyes lit up as she looked at me.

“Don’t wake me,” she begged, pulling me to her again.

As her tongue danced in my mouth, I marveled at the sweet taste of it. Her fingers slipped down my chest and up and under my drenched shirt. Her lips trembled against mine as she started to explore my body, then her soft fingers slid to my waist and began unbuttoning my trousers. I pulled back and looked at her.


Michel Prince is an author who graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes new adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

With characters yelling "It's my turn damn it!!!" She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

When Michel can suppress the voices in her head she can be found at a scouting event or cheering for her son in a variety of sports. She would like to thank her family for always being in her corner and especially her husband for supporting her every dream and never letting her give up.

Michel has been awarded Elite Status with Rebel Ink Press in 2013, the service award for her local RWA chapter Midwest Fiction Writers and is a Pro member of RWA. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, son, cat and new puppy.

Website-Michel Prince Books:

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