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Straight Chatting from the Library: Micah Berrington from BOUND BY OATH AND HONOUR

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I am so happy to be here with Judith today on our final stop for the Bound by Oath and Honour book tour. For the grand finale, I asked Micah Berrington, the hero of our tale, to come along with me and answer a few questions that some of my readers (thank you so much to those who participated) are dying to know!

So, here we go Micah!

A reader wants to know why you were so upset over having to guard a woman.

Micah chuckles. “First of all, you have to understand that during my centuries as a guardian, I had only protected men who stood in the greatest of danger and in the most perilous of times. Some more so than others.

In direct opposition to that, the women I knew during my mortality didn’t involve themselves in anything I would consider even remotely dangerous. They spent their time doing needlework, overseeing the various duties of the home, and fretting over the latest fashions. I just couldn’t understand the need when the Ealdormen assigned me to Tala. However, once I met her, the need became very clear.”

Did her knack for getting herself into trouble help ease your aversion to the situation?

“Well, that and the fact that she’s the most fearless, most maddening, most amazing woman I’ve ever met.”

I think she’ll be happy to hear you say that—well at least the amazing part! Here’s another question for you. Do prefer working with Levi and Nathaniel above the other guardians in the realm of the Bewitan Fierd?

“I think as a team, we work very well together. We’ve reached a point where we anticipate each other’s needs in connection with our assignments and get them done without need for consultation. So, although I enjoy working with all of my colleagues, I suppose if given the choice, I would opt to work with Levi and Nathaniel.”

What went through your head when you suddenly found yourself in the realm of the Bewitan Fierd, when moments earlier you were fiercely fighting for your life and country in Ireland?

“At first I thought I had died. When I found out that wasn’t so, the shock of where I was, and the choice set before me was staggering to say the least. I have no idea how long I spoke with Edward as he answered every question I had. At the same time he assured me that I had not lost my mind, nor did I lie in a battered tent, sick with delirium. Somewhere along the way I finally accepted the fact I was in another realm, and that my life would continue in a most rewarding direction.”

I take it then, you enjoy being a guardian?

“I wouldn’t trade it or the experiences I’ve had for anything in the world.”

One of my male readers wants to know if the rifle you carried in the story is always your weapon of choice.

“For the most part, yes. The weapon has always served me well. Nonetheless, there are situations my knife and some of the more modern weapons of your time are required.”

For your final question, Judith wants to know if you have a favorite book.

“Hmm. As you can imagine, I’ve read countless books over the centuries and have amassed a pretty good library at home. I have many favorites. One that comes immediately to mind is Common Sense, by Thomas Paine. I’ll also own up to the fact that I really enjoy The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas and have read it numerous times.”

Well thank you Micah, for coming along and answering some of our questions. If anyone else out there has a question for Micah, scribble it in the comments below and he’ll be happy to answer!


Fresh from her photo shoot in Northern England, wildlife photographer Tala Westbrook makes a promised stop at the family manor in Staffordshire, desperately in need of renovation. Though she didn’t plan to stay longer than it took to find a contractor, she is caught up in an ancient paranormal war. Despite the danger all around, she finds herself falling for the handsome, enigmatic man assigned to protect her.

Micah Berrington, elite guardian from the realm of the Bewitan Fierd, is used to protecting men of strength in the greatest of peril, not a female looking for someone to repair her home. Yet the assignment is far more than it seems and so is the beautiful woman destined to capture his heart, regardless of the cost.


“I’m not leaving until you tell me whatever it is you don’t want me to know.” She set her heels, and placed a hand on her hip.

His anger flared. “Is that right? A little while ago you couldn’t wait to leave this place.”

Tala gave her head a snooty little toss. “A lot has changed since then, wouldn’t you agree?”

He brushed the barb aside. “Then let me get you a pillow and blanket. You can make yourself comfortable on my sofa.”

Indignation filled her lovely eyes. “That’s it? That’s all you’re going to say? Really?”

Micah met her gaze without a flinch. “Really.”

“Whatever.” She gave him a curt nod and stormed toward the door.

He had fallen into the deep, dark abyss of the feminine whatever. Nonetheless, he stepped in front of the entryway blocking her path. “Where are you going, Tala?”

“Back inside the forest, not that it’s any of your business.”

“Why would you do something as foolish as that?”

“To find some answers, since you’re unwilling to share what you know.” She gritted her teeth. “Now, get out of my way.”

He held his ground while disregarding the directive. “Just what do you expect to find out there?”

She shrugged away the question. “I’m not sure. However, I do know those creatures left tracks. I’m quite adept at finding and following them to wherever they might lead. Trust me.”

“Regardless of the danger?”

“I can take care of myself.”


Debbie is an author of paranormal and fantasy romance because she has a soft spot for fairy tales, the joy of falling in love, making an impossible love possible, and happily ever after endings. She loves animals of every persuasion, music, art, beautiful sunrises, sunsets, the smell of rain, and thunder storms.

When she is not busy conjuring her latest novel, Debbie spends time with the members of her very large family in the lovely, arid deserts of southern Nevada, where some of those spectacular sunsets occur. She also pursues her interests in genealogy—which she also teaches—mythology, and history.

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  1. Congrats on the tour and I enjoyed reading the excerpt.

    1. Hello and Thank you Lisa. I'm happy you enjoyed it.

  2. Great character interview! I've enjoyed following the tour for Bound By Oath and Honor - all of the excerpts and posts were fun to read and follow along with. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. You and your sweet posts are part of what made this tour so much fun! Thank you for following, thank you for each comment and I wish you the best of luck in the drawing Victoria!

    2. You're welcome it was my pleasure :D

  3. Hello Judith! Thank you so much for inviting me to share your blog! I found it such a pleasure!

  4. I have enjoyed the tour. The book sounds great.

    1. Thank you so much for following Rita! It's always a pleasure to encounter a familiar "face" on each of the stops... Wishing you luck in the drawing and hopefully, I'll see you again!

  5. Micah would you like a family you know little ones a dog ect?? Debbie I have enjoyed the book tour and I love these character interviews gives a chance for a little more..

    1. Thanks Tammy! You always say the sweetest things! Your turn Micah! If such a thing could ever be made possible in the Realm of the Bewitan Fierd, then I would love a whole houseful of children, but alas... As you know, I have horses and I love them. Now that you mention, I think it would be quite enjoyable to add a dog to our happy family!

  6. What are you working at the moment?

    1. Hello Becky. I'm working on another ghostly paranormal romance, between a soldier that died on D-Day during World War II and the mortal woman destined to become his soul mate...

  7. Who are some of your favorite authors; what strikes you about their work?

    1. Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, and Phyllis A Whitney to name a few. Why? Because they have always been able to hold my interest. Thanks of stopping by Peggy! I appreciate the visit and the question.

  8. Replies
    1. It probably stems from my love of history and wanting to know if my ancestors had anything to do with any of the events that had me so intrigued! :D Thanks for stopping by Ami! Best of luck in the drawing!

  9. Wow, cannot believe it is Thursday already. Flying by for me. Have a great day and thanks again for the chance to win