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Straight Chatting from the Library: Sarita Leone

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REGENERATE is an action-packed paranormal romantic thriller. Nicole Anima and Benjamin Sinclair are agents for a covert government intelligence agency called The Octopus. When global economies begin to topple, they’re called in to eliminate the threat and restore world order. Throw in a zombie army, prickly past relationship issues between these agents, and an assassination plot that could wipe out a few world leaders, and you’ve got a real mess on your hands. Oh—and Anima is a psychic who struggles with not losing the brilliant mind that’s constantly invaded by the world’s thoughts and Sinclair…well, he’s technically a dead man walking. That’s right, he’s been regenerated using the best science has to offer and is now immortal.

Creating these two characters took a lot of thought. They needed to be strong, badass, save-the-world types but they also had to have flaws and vulnerabilities. Each one has a soft spot—and as an author I had to decide when to test those points. They’ve both had difficult pasts so there are shadows lurking behind their steely veneers. I believe a person’s past helps shape who they are as well as who they’re becoming, so Anima’s brush with madness and Sinclair’s loss impact their story. They’re not perfect—and I love them for that. I hope readers will, too.

This book is the first in a series so deciding what world threat the agents would battle was of paramount importance. While Nicole is psychic, and reads every mind except those dead-turned-living zombie minions, she’s still human so she can be killed. Ben, however, is a regenerated military operative. His heart beats but thanks to the stem cell research that restored him, he is impervious to things like bullets, bombs, and poison—all the things that eliminate mortals. Who better to deal with the undead than an undead himself? But while Sinclair can’t be killed and his regenerated heart can’t be stilled, he’s still vulnerable to the feelings that heart brings to the mission. He and Nicole aren’t past their past—and may never be. Sometimes, dealing with what went on between them—namely, what went wrong between them—is tougher than dealing with assassins, diplomats, and zombies.

I’m currently working on the second book in this series. Once again, our agents are using their paranormal skills to eliminate an evil that is beyond the scope of regular mortal military personnel. No country on earth has the capacity to deal with this threat but fortunately for humankind, The Octopus is on top of things. One world—and a mission to save it. Again.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to chat about REGENERATE. It’s been fun!


The Octopus isn't an urban myth—and its agents are anything but ordinary. The intelligence bureau is so well-hidden most doubt its existence. A handful know its location. And fewer walk the halls in the subterranean compound.

Benjamin Sinclair didn't ask to be a scientific miracle but every mission has its risks and one perfectly-placed bullet ended his life—for a brief moment in time.

Nicole Anima battles demons every day. Life as a paranormal resources operative gives her tortured mind a rest—and keeps her from contemplating her own death.

When Anima and Sinclair partner on a globe-trotting race to eliminate the threat about to cripple humanity, all hell breaks loose. Leaping from planes, crashing into continents, dealing with voodoo priestesses, and running through jungles with zombies hot on their trail doesn't leave much time for romance, but this duo somehow manages to sizzle.

Two agents. Telepathic mind paired with regenerated commando. One world—and a mission to save it.


“I’m sorry.”

“And that covers it, right? I’ve tried to hate you for fourteen months, and that’s all you’ve got to say?”

Stop. Just, stop. The plea came from his mind as clearly as if he’d said the words out loud.

They were in too far to pull back now.

“How many times can I say I’m sorry?” A muscle worked in his jaw. “How many will it take for it to be enough?”

“Keep going. I’ll let you know when it’s enough.”

The closest zombie put a hand on her shoulder. Squeezed.

A warning.

She invaded his mind. So much white screeching noise, but something sinister, as well.

“Stop the car!” She leaned over the seat and grabbed the driver by the shirt. “Stop—now!”

They’d reached the restaurant parking lot. It was early, and the only cars belonged to employees. Parked near the back, far from the main entrance.

The startled man’s reactions were instant. His foot stomped on the brakes. By the time the car stopped moving, she was over the seat and pushing him out the driver’s side door.

Sinclair exited the back and they ran. The car idled for a moment.

Then, an explosion that shook the ground and sent the trio to their knees.


Sarita Leone is an award-winning author who has written romance in many forms including Regency, paranormal, and contemporary. She loves happily-ever-afters in any setting!

When she’s not writing, Ms. Leone spends her time hiking, learning languages, and traveling. She loves adventure and can pack a suitcase, grab her passport, and hit the road in less time than it takes to peel an apple!

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