Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Straight Browsing from the Library: Parentectomy by Christine Giancarlo

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When parents separate and divorce, kids come last in family law. Should children's welfare be measured in "billable hours"? Christine Giancarlo thinks kids come first and need both parents. Parentectomy moves us toward that goal... for the sake of the children.

Based on Dr. Giancarlo's peer-reviewed research study, Kids Come Last: The Effect of Family Law Involvement in Parental Alienation, this book tells, in their own voices, the stories of thirty loving, capable and dependable parents who, nonetheless, were removed from their children's lives. It is also the author's own journey through the devastation caused by parental alienation.

This book sheds light on an urgent social crisis, enabled by a broken family law system. An equitable and just model for eliminating this form of child abuse is proposed with an urgent plea for its implementation.


I had two sons. David was born in 1971 and was a nice boy and good student. His father and I divorced and I moved to Edmonton when David was four. I tried to encourage a relationship between the boys and their father, but because of the distance, it was very difficult. Their dad lived in New Brunswick. My ex paid child support and I did shift work so we made it work, although money was tight. David’s brother died tragically in 1990 when he was only 24. This loss was extremely hard on David and me. Their father died from cancer a few years later.

David began to date a girl named April while he was attending NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). He wanted to be a firefighter. I was concerned about this relationship as Alice seemed very possessive, even controlling where and when David would go. David was seeing his friends less and less. I was surprised when they announced their engagement in 1995 after an on-again off-again relationship. Alice’s father paid for their extravagant wedding and they began to renovate a condo near David’s in-laws.

In 1996, their first child was born and David had quit NAIT to work for better money on the oil rigs. David was close to his father-in-law and the two of them decided to buy a bakery as a family business. This way David could work close to home instead of being up north on the rigs for weeks at a time. Alice continued her tendency to control and insisted on looking after their financial affairs.

In 2000, David found out he was bankrupt. Their RRSPs were cashed out, jewelry had been pawned, and David’s truck was sold. It became apparent that Alice had a gambling addiction and had squandered $80,000 of their savings. Alice was fired from her job at a bank and now unemployed, but David managed to pay off the outstanding debt by working extra hours. But both parents were abusing substances and this added to their volatile relationship. David successfully completed a rehabilitation program and I hoped the family could rebuild as a healthy unit.


Christine Giancarlo is an applied anthropologist at Mount Royal University since 1992. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Services from Capella University, Minnesota, and an M.A. in Primatology from the University of Calgary, Alberta. Growing up with two loving parents, four brothers and being blessed with her own children, Devon and Carmen, inform her holistic perspective on the family. Christine resides in Calgary with her partner, Bert, and their dog, Gavin.

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  2. Good morning, bloggers and readers! The excerpt above is from one of the targeted parents of parental alienation, interviewed for my book. Gloria is a grandmother whose son, David, unable to pay the exorbitant child support due, eventually took his own life. Parentectomy uncovers the little-known but devastatingly widespread form of psychological abuse known as parental alienation. Here is a recent update by Don, another case from the book and a targeted father who has been fighting for his kids for many years: "But...if I had to summarize, I would say this:

    Stay the course. Fight for what is right! Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do. Be the shining example for your children....because they see what is going on. In my case, the children did exactly what my final lawyer and one of the judges said they would: "they will vote with their feet." They knew I was fighting for them and would never give up. Now, the ex-wife has been cut out of their lives by their choice...they want nothing to do with her. All of her greed and alienating behaviour cost her her children. I hope it was worth it."

  3. Many thanks, Rita! Thanks everyone for hosting my book and for reading the excerpt and comments today. If and when you are confronted with parental alienation in your family or by a friend, I hope Parentectomy will be a powerful tool for you to support those targeted persons and to identify and intervene in the alienator's quest to destroy his/her children's wellbeing. Best wishes in your own reading, writing and blogging endeavours!