Monday, July 22, 2013

Straight Chatting from the Library: DL Larson and her Character

DL Larson has stopped by The Library today as part of her virtual book tour with Goddess Fish Promotions. She is introducing us to one of the characters from her book Promises My Love. DL will be awarding a copy of one of her previously published books, hardback (US only) or e-book format, to two randomly drawn commenters during the tour. Check out the rest of the stops here:

An interview with Francis Frailey, 1840, Shadow Creek, Kentucky

Interviewer: Mr. Frailey, I hear you're a great financier.  Do you plan to open your own bank, perhaps in town or in Paducah?

Francis:  No. 

Interviewer: Oh, well then, tell me about your beautiful wife, Christine.  I hear she is quite the horsewoman.

Francis: Yes.

Interviewer: Is it true you're educated back east, Harvard, that is?

Francis sighs: Yes.

Interviewer taps his notepad, then proceeds with the next question:  Music!  I understand you are quite the musician.

Francis: yes.
(Francis looks over his shoulder as if someone called his name or that he merely wishes to escape the prying interviewer.)

Interviewer forges ahead:  Your brother-in-law, Joe Douglas, is a renown gambler.  Tell me about him.

Francis: He's a good man.

Interviewer: Surely you can tell me a story or two.

Francis: No.

Interviewer: I've been told you don't see your family.  Is there a rift between you and your father?

Francis doesn't answer for a moment, then: no

Interviewer: I detect a story here.  Something happened to separate you from your parents?  A misunderstanding?  Money matters?  Your wife's family, perhaps?

Francis: No. 

Interviewer: Your posturing tells me different.  You look a bit angry.  Are you hiding something, Mr. Frailey?  

Francis stares at the interviewer, then answers with a quiet: no.

Interviewer:  Again, your actions say more than your words.  Let's talk about something else then.  Books, I hear your office is filled with books.  What are you reading now?

Francis is slow to answer:  Oliver Twist.

Interviewer:  Oh, a wonderful story.  An orphan, fighting to survive.  Is there a parallel to your life in that story?

Francs: No.

Interviewer: Aren't there wicked characters trying to take advantage of the young boy in that book?  And you refused to answer earlier, but there seems an estrangement with your own family.  Surely you can see the correlation.

Francis: No.

Interviewer: Is there -, was there someone dominating you in your childhood?  An over-bearing mother, perhaps?  An uncle?

Francis: This interview is over.

Interviewer:  But we just got started.  I've more questions.  Many more questions.

Francis, dressed in his tailored suit and freshly shaved, has already left the conference room.


Francis Frailey fears he might become as abusive as his uncle once was, so he admires his young family from a distance. His plan is lonely, but safe, until his wife Christine sneaks past his staunch decorum. With tender devotion she coaxes him beyond his wretched childhood memories to a place where trust and love grows.

The fragile bond shatters when Francis’ family intervenes and he must decide if hate will rule his heart. Christine promises forgiveness will make him whole, but Francis aches for revenge. He’s determined to kill his uncle and be done.

Christine’s brother, Joe Douglas, has plans of his own that include asking his wife Annie to face her troubled past. But to help Christine, Joe agrees to go after Francis and bring him home. Taking his young son and nephew with him unhinges them all. Joe doesn’t know if the love Francis has for his son is stronger than the hate he harbors for his uncle. Or perhaps Francis despises himself most of all. Joe fears the wrong person may end up dead.


DL Larson always thought she’d be a city girl, but instead, she has spent the last 40 years surrounded by corn fields.  She lives in northern Illinois and enjoys the outdoors, especially gardening, boating and bike riding with her family. 

Reading is a big part of DL’s life, both professionally as a writer and as a Children’s Librarian. 

She likes being in the know, seeing firsthand what folks like to read.  Going back to school as an adult rejuvenated her desire to become a novelist.  The writing awards she received lifted her up and reinforced her drive to tell the best story she could.  Her second novel, Promises To Keep, was a 2008 Reader’s Choice Recipient.

DL is a WindyCity member of RWA. She blogs each Thursday at

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  1. Hello Library Judith ~ Thank you so much for hosting me. As you probably gathered, my character Francis has difficulty conversing about his past. He really is a good man, and his wife is adoring and supportive. Is there a question anyone might have for him? He might speak to us!! :)