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Straight Chatting from the Library: Kings and Queens by Anarie Brady and Jae El Foster

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What is the favorite book you remember as a child?

Black Boy by Richard Wright was a brilliant novel. I read it in the sixth grade and revisited it two years ago. As an adult, I loved it even more than I did the first go around with it.

What is your favorite book today?

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. I have several editions of this profound masterpiece of American literature. A portrait of Walt Whitman hangs in a gold frame near my desk where I write. He is an inspiration always.

Tell us about your current book in 10 words.

To rescue her people, Bridgette must embrace a challenging position.

What are you reading right now?

Ashley Bell by the incomparable Dean Koontz.

What books do you have on hold at the library?

Nothing at the moment. Ashley Bell was on hold, but I picked it up this week. I am a true believer in befriending your local librarian. My librarian lets me know whenever knew books have arrived, and she lets me have first pick. I am incredibly spoiled by Ms. Pam.

Do you have any bad book habits?

I take great care of books. Now in my younger years, I’d leave them all over the place and they’d get stepped on or torn. I use a book mark (from my library) and I try to never break the spine of a paperback.

E-Reader or print? and why?

I’m old-school. Give me a print book any day. Something I can hold and feel and smell. Something I can fall asleep with and wake up with – right where I left it and not a cold device with a dead battery. I like something I can hand to someone and say, “Hey, check this out!”

One book at a time or multiples?

One at a time. A good book deserves my sole readership attention.

Dog-ear or bookmark? (don't worry—Librarian Judith won't hold it against you—much)

Bookmark. Always. My library has a variety of free bookmarks available to people, and I encourage the use of them.

Least favorite book you've read this year?

I won’t say the name because I can’t really judge the author or the plot (as I never made it to the plot) but – for the life of me – I struggle with books written in first person. Sometimes, I can breeze through them, but sometimes I cannot relate with a character enough to where I want to share a perspective with them.

Favorite book you've read this year?

Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo” – by one of my favorite authors Zora Neale Hurston. The great Alice Walker provides the forward. In a day when America is once again being torn apart by racial prejudices, Barracoon is more important than ever.

When do you do most of your reading?

In the mornings, I sit at an antique shop. There is plenty of reading time there.

Favorite place to read?

My favorite place to read is at the antique shop. It is quiet, and I am not distracted by a computer or an unfinished manuscript that needs my attention.

Favorite genre?

Horror and Suspense are tops for me, but I do enjoy a good piece of classical literature – or even a splice-of-life tale – if it’s the right book.

Do you loan your books?

Yes, with the understanding that I might not ever see them again. Any way that I can encourage someone else to read, I’m all for it.

Favorite book to recommend?

Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. It is a timely, poetic masterpiece that everyone should read, at least once.

How do you keep your books organized?

Organization… there’s a concept. I do not have good organizational skills with my books. If you ask to borrow something, I will find it for you, but it might take a few days.

Re-reader or not?

I rarely re-read. When I do, it is a book that had some kind of important influence on me, and so I re-read it to re-harvest that inspiration.

What would make you not finish a book?

If it is written in first person, I will read up to the first ten pages before I decide if I want to be that intimate with the protagonist or not. If a book is preachy, if a book has violence, hatred or prejudice that is blatant and not significant to the plot, if a book is overly sexualized without the sex being important to the plot… I’m not hard to please, but I have my standards.

Keep books or give them away?

It depends on the book. I keep ones that inspire me in ways that might make me need to revisit them. I give away books that I think are just so darned good that others need to read them. I often tell my friends, “Books are the new TV.”


As I Follow by Anarie Brady

Princess Orla must first learn to follow if she is to lead her homeland once her evil step mother is dethroned. Who better to teach her than Prince Darcy, the leader of the rebellion against Queen Ena and a strict but fair Dominant who would love nothing better than to take the beautiful Orla in hand and return the kingdom of Athas to its former glory.

The Man With the Kind Eyes by Jae El Foster

Bridgette Mahoney just wanted a better life for herself and the people suffering under a corrupt president. What she gets is nominated to be Queen of the country whether she wants the position or not.


On May 13, Bridgette herself stormed the Oval Office, finding Folsom in his chair with a gun pointed at her. He had a smile on his face, and despite the fact that his regime was falling, he did not seem nervous.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Miss Mahoney,” he had told her, waving her toward his desk with his gun. She sat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. “You came so close to winning. You must be commended. When I open my window and throw your head down to your people, I’ll make sure they cheer.”

“If you’re going to kill me, do it,” Bridgette said in her most challenging tone, “but don’t think that it will stop my people. They will get to you, if they have to tear this building down bit by bit to do it.”

“Such brave talk for such a little girl. You could have had your whole life ahead of you, you know.”


Anarie Brady writes hot, happily ever after love stories filled with strong men and strong women who choose to submit to their own desires. She also loves scratching her chinchilla in all his itchy spots, sipping tea, and savoring whiskey. She absolutely adores hearing from fans, so don’t be shy!

Jae El Foster is an author with whom you question going to bed with at night, but you dare to venture beneath the sheets with him anyway. As the venture concludes, you are perhaps romanced by it, or perhaps you are frightened by it. Don’t worry, because you are always satisfied by it. Despite the title or genre of the book, Jae El sets out to please you with climatic and unexpected conclusions that will make you tremble with emotion. Hop aboard the Jae El train and give it a good ride.

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